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Found 2 results

  1. Just a update on my Indian SIL fork shock. It’s been time to replace my original tired shocks and I didn’t want to break the bank on replacement aftermarket Bitubo shocks ($400.00+) I Found these descent 220mm Forsa units ($100.00) that work a treat. You just need to fabricate a thinwall 10mm sleeve for the top bushing, and trim a long shoulder bolt for the bottom. Spring preload is adjustable, I’m starting on the softest setting and feels great and the ride is much improved compared to the original units with tired dampener.
  2. Non-US Market SIL GP's are for most intents and purposes the same as the Italian GP/DL models they are related to. Things get very grey with these in the US as a lot of them are rebadged Vijai Super models that were "restored" in India to look like the original SIL non-US market export model. If you have a square headlight SIL GP in the United States that is badged as a Lambretta, than it most likely was never originally sold in the US. The only exception to this rule is due to tastes and preferences, it is common for actual US model SIL GP's to have the SX/Serveta style headlight to be switched to the square type either due to a lack of replacement parts or personal tastes. Frame numbers start as follows for actual US market SIL GP's: 22/0*01* If yours does not have the 01 in the number sequence, than it is a grey market scooter and never originally sold in the USA. Later models using a special fork that may or may not have a turning front mudguard and P-series style turn signals. The often labeled "Tron" SIL GP's are actually grey market models imported into Canada during the mid-1990's and sold into the US. Tron GP's are 200cc models with special paint jobs in blue or red with integrated turn signals on the legshield and side panels. They also use a special fork that is considered to be superior in handling over the conventional Series 1-3 fork. More information regarding SIL frame numbers can be found here: http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/indian-frame-info.html
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