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Found 11 results

  1. A friend just brought this Jet by yesterday for me to get it running for him. He mentioned wanting to convert it to 12v AC. Currently the turn signals have been removed. Was "running when parked" about 10 years ago. Currently the compression is awesome, gas tank needs to be cleaned, and it has no spark. Is the best thing to do modify the current harness? or is there a new harness I can buy to simplify everything? if I do that, I'll also have to buy new coil, regulator, etc? Would I need to change the switched and get new perches? What do I do about the weird ignition key in the back? 1st serveta I've tried to get running. Can you guys point me in the right direction. I'm looking for the most functional and cleanest option.
  2. I've always been aware that this could happen but had never actually seen it until recently. Early Spanish LI150 gear box with matching drive axle. When the 4 loose gears are installed there is less than .001" height difference between the gears and the axle. According to Stickys there should be about .003" (.02mm) difference between the two, with the gears being on the taller side. If the 2 parts are in line or the axle is taller it is impossible to shim the gears correctly. I took the axle and gears to a local machine shop and they suggested the axle be ground down a couple .001" to drop below the gears. Does this sound like a plausible/correct fix? The problem is with the gears them selves. I suspect they are machined wrong from the factory. I can't change the gear stack because that's what the customer wants.
  3. Ok I think I need some help here. Here is the back story. I had picked up this 150 serveta months ago – and it ran well- no issues. I parked it and was gonna spiffy it up and just go thru it and to make sure it was road worthy. It’s a 6vlt battery scooter, and is all original set up. Key scooter and it had the turn signals still with that add on switch (pictured). I got a new battery to pop in and it went to start it – nothing. No Spark. I have checked the wires at the connections, the fuse, and I unplugged the green from the harness and kept the green from the coil in at the block, cleaned the points. If I was riding it and it went weird I’s say it’s the coil condenser or points. But it ran great, parked and now it has no spark… Before I get into this deep- what are some more of the basic I should check? THERE is always 12vlt conversion –BUT If it’s something simple then I was just gonna ride as is
  4. Fellow LCUSA member and buddy Chris made the trip down to Mankato today so we could finish up his Banana Serveta. All that was left to do was jet it and slap the rear boards on after it got a complete rebuild on the engine and an overall refresh. Here's how it looked when he got it. He has ridden it for a few years now pretty much unchanged: Notable features on this build were: Soulpower 190cc top end Soulpower SH18 bored out to 20mm (the first ever!) Soulpower lightened motoplat flywheel Boomstick DS Scootopia silent blocks I also simplified the Serveta wiring harness and welded damper tabs on the forks. It was an extremely thin budgeted build but he spent money where it counts which was on the engine as we replaced all the bearings and seals. He also stripped off the ugly yellow paint from the horncast, headset, tail light housing and side panels. He clear coated the panels and made custom "Performer" style graphics for his screen printing business using a template that Kieran was kind enough to send him. Once we dialed it in we took a proper tour of Mankato since he hasn't been around here other than to come work on stuff in my shop:
  5. just got a serveta li 150 special serial number is printed on frame put into scooter help and nothing is coming up, no paperwork for it either anyone help
  6. Hey - I know this sounds cheesy and all - but anyone have any time to skype this evening so I can give you several different veiws of my headset that just doesn't seem to sit correctly on the bike. I have a 1/4" gap/space between the bottom of the headset and the legsheild top. Maybe you can figure out what I have done incorrectly? Thanks, Erik
  7. Hi & Happy New Years to all! As I stare into the abyss that is the finishing of my Jet 200 rebuild (headset wiring), I could use any diagram/tips/assistance finishing the gem wiring. Yes, I know this sounds amateurish and all, but my plan is to keep the lights working exactly as original. Does anyone else love the 'high-speed' (for its time) look/performance of the gems on the Jet like moi? Also, what do you Serveterans use to 'plug' the right/throttle side original electrical switch area to keep the entire headset stock? I don't/won't switch out the piece. Any input is appreciated; what sat you experts?
  8. Most well versed Serveterans are already aware of the 12v AC conversion using the original Motoplat stator. This conversion results in some of the most powerful lights I have ever seen on a Lambretta. If you ride a Spaniard and haven't done this conversion, you are missing out. I'm currently building a fellow LCUSA clubmate's LI150 and while we are waiting for all the fun stuff from Adam @ Soulpower scooters, I thought I'd revisit this conversion and take it a step further. I had already set him up with this conversion when we put his scooter on the road a few years back but he knows I like to mess around in the shop when I'm bored so he told me to clean up the ugly Serveta wiring if I feel like it. Well I had a minute today and took a look at the stator and decided to simplify the wiring starting here and moving to the harness later. The 12v ac conversion is basically: -ground 1 yellow wire from stator -plug other yellow wire from the stator into the power wire of an AC regulator -Tie off the red wire from the stator as it's no longer needed. So to take this a step further, I figured I'd: -ground 1 yellow wire to stator base -remove red wire from stator -add black ground wire to stator to avoid confusion later The Motoplat stator does not feature a ground pole on the steel laminations as found on electronic ignition stators so I didn't have something to tie the yellow wire to. The first step was to make a ground pole: On the winding to the right of the yellow wires is a nice open space to add a pole. Center punch a spot around the middle of that area: Then get out the drill! I chose an m4-.70 screw from my junk bin to use as a pole so I needed to drill it to 1/8" for the tap. I don't have bottoming taps so I needed to drill it a little extra deep to get the amount of threads I needed for the scew: Tap it to the size of the screw you intend to use: Now we have a ground pole on the stator laminations: From there, I wanted to switch the side of the winding that the yellow ground wire will feed from so it has a direct route to the ground pole. It doesn't matter which yellow wire you choose to ground, just as long as you ground one of them. Heat up the soldering iron and melt the solder in the grommet until you can yank the wire out. Switch it to the other side and solder it in place. I should note I have never considered myself a master solderer but I do think I'm starting to finally get better and this was good practice. Now heat the solder up in the red wire's grommet and remove the red wire: Now add some eyelets to the yellow stator ground wire and the new black ground wire I will be adding to the stator harness. Solder those joints to ensure great connections and tie them to the fresh new ground pole you added: Route the black wire and feed it through the stator harness sleeve. Add a zip tie for a clean installation and enjoy your new 3 wire 12v AC Motoplat stator with super bright lights: New configuration: Yellow = Lights: attach to ac regulator Green = Spark: attach to ignition coil Black = Ground: attach to bare metal frame ground
  9. WhatUp Lambretta club members. I went to the Barber vintage motorcycle museum a few weeks ago. Tucked away in one corner of the huge vintage motorcycle museum was a Lambretta, Serveta Li 150 Special. (Not One Ves-pa In The Building) The museum had, maybe 15 scooters (mostly rare Cushman’s) out of hundreds of perfectly restored vintage motorcycle. The restorations at Barber are high quality. On the Lambretta, they put a part on wrong. I spotted it right way. Do you guys know what it is? The first member that tells me what’s wrong on the scooter. I will mail them a few stickers. This is a fun challenge for you guys. PS: You cant see the problem in my photos. You have to go there.
  10. http://youtu.be/MyjTrwOMSO4 Semi-Charmed Life video, ):23 second into the clip, that a blacked out Jet 200 in the video, am I right? Any of you guys know or were a part of this video back in the day? Just wondering.
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