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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, new member here. For the back story, please check out my post in the "Show us your scoot" section. After being hit by a car that ran a red light, my Series 2 needs the following replacement body panels. Right side rear engine cover Right side rear floorboard Leg shield Front mudguard Headlight chrome trim Headlight reflector (maybe - I might be able to get the original re-chromed.) Other parts needed: Rear seat frame Front brake lever License plate bracket All leads and advise as to what to look for and what to avoid are greatly appreciated!
  2. I picked up this OG Series 2 LI125 last week from the guys at Gran Sport in Iowa. I picked it up explicitly for Corazzo so I left the side panels in their very capable hands so they can hand letter them for the biz. After getting it home, I started taking it apart as I am sending all the repainted parts back to Gran Sport to repaint. They are matching both the color and sheen for me along with doing any bodywork and repairs that are needed. I haven't decided what I am going to do about the motor yet. It is actually a runner so I may leave it or I might go through it and juice it up a bit. I don't actually have a stock engine in any of my Lambrettas but the threat of 125cc's of pure pooch S2 power might be enough to convince me to get out the check book. I'll try to keep this updated as the project progresses. The target is to have it done and rolling at the High Rollers rally this February, which should be pretty easy to do.
  3. Clutch Lever Repair - Series 1& 2 After the Frozen Finger rally, I could feel my clutch lever pivot sink into the handlebars housing. The clutch lever had been sinking for some time, but not as deep. After the 160 mile scooter ride, it felt like the lever had broken inside the handlebars housing. Not good! Long story short. I inspected other old clutch levers. Then got an original Series 1 lever from club member Wrekkah. It had the same damaged hole. The presser between the steel bolt and the aluminum lever, was causing the aluminum to melt/mush over time. You can see the problem by this worn edge. The top lever has no damage and the hole is circular. I wanted to use my original lever. Original parts always fit and look better! I have built a lot of motors over the years. Race motors to scooter motors. A common thing you see in every type of motor, and frame is a brass bushing, when steel comes in contact with aluminum. The easy thing to do, is just buy a new lever from a scooter shop. But that original part thing comes into play, I talked about. The parts to repair the lever, can be found at the local hardware store. Brass tubing: 5/16 x .014 (7.94mm) Drill bit: 5/16 The best way to drill out the larger hole, is with a drill press and secure the lever with a clamp. The damage space left, needs to be filled in. I used pieces of metal and epoxy. Cut off the extra material. Cleanup, and install. Anthony Armstrong 2015 Series 1and 2 Clutch Lever Fix. AnthonyScooterWork.com GetBent-sc.com
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