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Found 6 results

  1. The restoration of my mk3 is finally coming together. Here are some teaser photos. Paint, body and major assembly by Eric at 2nd ave Scooters.
  2. Here is my completed S1 restoration. I posted a pic of it about a year ago after I bought it and now it's finished. See y'all in Duluth!
  3. About a decade ago I bought a TV175 S3 in a box. Much of it was there, but a few items took me years to find and acquire as I was new the Lambretta world. But once my network began to grow so many of you helped me out. I am truly indebted to LCUSA and can't express my thanks enough. Life happened . . . career change, child #1 born, bi-coastal move, child #2 born and the only scooter completed was the 1967 SS180 I restored for my wife. Two working parents with kids . . . something had to give. I set a goal to have this bike complete and back on the road by the time I turned 40. I realized I needed to make a decision and that was is it more important to have bragging rights that I built my bike or to ride it. I chose to ride it. I hired Josh Snow to paint my bike and Mike Anhalt to build it. This is how it began: 1962 Lambretta TV175 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr (yes one of the benefits to this buy was it came with two TV175 cases) There were some piece meal parts. 1962 Lambretta TV175 in parts 2/3 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr But most of the critical parts were there. The hardest one to find and buy was the complete disc brake. 1962 Lambretta TV175 in parts 1/3 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I would have been open to preserving the paint and keeping the stickers, but the parts were mismatched in paint. Looking back, I wish I had known about the option to scan and reproduce the original stickers. That would have been cool. I like details like that. And now it looks something like this: TV175 S3 resto by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I am replacing the UNI Big Bore with an OEM Tutto pipe. The top-end is still 100% stock. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr (Will rotate the shock so the Indian logo does not show) TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr It's no anorak's bike with an R6 shock, BGM ignition, Indian front shocks, and SS hardware, but there has been a lot of investment in details to give it the period correct look. I asked Josh and Mike for a beautiful daily rider and I believe I have gotten so much more than that. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr A very special thanks to Mike and Josh. I am a bit anal and a micro manager at times, but I hired these guys so I wouldn't need to be nor worry. And hiring them was the smartest thing I did! This hire has saved me hours of stress, because I trust these guys completely. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I would like to thank Stu for selling it to me, Gene M., Mark & Jon at Jet200, Tom G., and Paul Sachelari for so much advise along the way. And thank you Rudy Perez and Harmik for being my sounding board time and time again. You two have steered me right time and time again. This is an early 1962 bike so I went with the "Coral Red" two tone. History of the bike can be read here. More photos to follow.
  4. So, back in November I bought my first Lambretta … and it happens to be a Lambretta in a box. I've been wanting a project bike for a while, so I guess I got one. I've owned a vintage scooter of the other Italian make since 2003 and know how risky it is to buy something like this. Especially since I've never owned a Lambretta before. But it seemed like a good deal, so I took my chances. wmccart actually found this one. He knew I was looking and told me about it. Thanks, wmccart! I've made quite a bit of progress, but I haven't been very good at taking pictures along the way. At this point, I've completely disassembled the engine and I'm going to send my cases off for vapor blasting this week. The body is ready to go to blasting, but I want to make sure I get the paint matched first before I send it off. Anyway, here are the a few pictures early on. I'll try and be better at taking more pictures from here on out. Here it is day one. I spent a lot of time trying to sort through all the parts. I think it's all there — at least all the major stuff. The previous owner was going to restore it, so he already bought a lot of extra parts, like 180 top end, a bigger carb, a big bore exhaust, etc. So I've got the original parts plus his upgrades, which is nice. I even have saddle seats and a dual seat. Not sure what these huge holes were for. It's a pity they are there. There are (were) some neat parking stickers on it. I tried to save them but they crumbled to pieces. Speedo rim was snapped. I'll have to see if I can fix that.
  5. I am pleased to announce that my Dad's '58 Lambretta 150 LD, made famous by the telling of its adventures in the book "The Scooter Diaries", lives again. My cousin Fred, who owns the LD, has done a wonderful job restoring it and it is now purring like a kitten. To commemorate its reawakening, please enjoy this video containing never-before-seen footage of its life from 1959 to present day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr5JPTqqtBQ The LD will soon make its first public appearance in Boston for Lammy Jammy 2014, where my Mom will repaint its badges of honour -- the names of the countries it passed through -- in the exact locations she originally painted them in 1960. Fred, my Mom and I are looking forward to seeing you all! Gord
  6. been working on this build for a while...was supposed to be done for Vegas last year, but I missed that deadline. Going to be handing this over to Rob Devlin at Vegas this year...bittersweet, as I bought this scoot in 1996 and had intended to keep it...but stuff happens. Did an all original style restoration, with the exception of stainless hardware, and some powdercoating on running gear/shrouds/tube etc....kept the points ignition and tried to re-use as many of the original parts as possible.
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