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Found 13 results

  1. Photo link: 1967 LI150/SX SIII NYPD Special Reassembly progress 100% Innocenti
  2. I'm new to the Lambretta Club. I inherited several years ago a 150 FD-C Cotton Candy 3 Wheeler that hasn't run since the early 1970's. It's been in the family since 1961 and it's mostly all together and would require new cables and other items. Looking for the best place to buy parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. duet from PD Heaton ( Housemartins/Beautiful South) and Jacqui Abbot (sometime Beautiful South)..popped up in a Youtube mix today. I like the nod to Northern Soul without going all in...and some tasty scoots in there too. ...Don't get too excited Usevich! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ksESIWscHY
  4. Here is my completed S1 restoration. I posted a pic of it about a year ago after I bought it and now it's finished. See y'all in Duluth!
  5. How about some well produced videos, many with great music, to get you ready for the upcoming scootering season? There are more than a few budding film makers with good equipment and an eye for cinematography, pacing and a good feel for editing and post production. I'll start with a video or three by Paul Wood (Woodsy) of the Manchester Lyons Scooter Club. Woodsy's film making alter ego is 2 Stroke Films. He gets no commercial compensation for his work. He is a Lambrettist who makes videos for the enjoyment of all of us in the scootering scene. I think he also has impeccable musical taste. He filmed this at the Brighton Mod Weekender last August.
  6. Finally started a flickr page so I can upload some photos. I bought this Lambretta out in Sacramento in 2009-2010. I had no idea what I was getting into, and just started riding an ET2 V3$p@ a few years before. I didn't know much about vintage scooters but since I was a hands-on learning kind of person, I started doing some reading and realized I wanted a Lambretta. Here's how she looked. She started on first kick but when I rode her for a little bit, the engine would kill and not start up again. I didn't feel comfortable riding her around San Francisco since I was so new to scooter riding. The clutch and gear shifting fascinated me. My wife and I rode around just a handful of times in the neighborhood and I realized I needed to learn more about this beautiful machine. I remember searching craigslist in 2011 and I came upon an add that offered space to work on your scooter and help if you needed some scooter knowledge. That's where I was lucky enough to meet Chris W. He was very welcoming and could tell I truly had no idea what I was getting into. I'm not a mechanic and the closest thing I can remember rebuilding was my transformer constructicon set. Chris W. suggested I buy the sticky's manual and read from there. I read that book several times envisioning this rebuild but in all honesty I had no idea what most of it meant. I knew what a carburetor was, but not a gear selector, I knew what a washer was, but not a gear box shim. Even now I mess up the names of some of the parts. I brought the engine to Chris and he was kind and patient enough to help me rebuild it. He gave me a list of parts to buy and we met up several times through out the year. Opening up the engine was such a learning experience. I'm a paramedic and anatomy and physiology make more sense when I apply it to an actual patient, so seeing things and having Chris explain them to me helped me out tremendously. Taking apart the body piece by piece and removing the engine. We Installed a GP crank and put in a Casa 185cc kit. After buying a house, getting engaged and planning a wedding, plus changing jobs and a baby on the way, we are now here, 4 years later. I am almost done with my Lambretta and can't wait to drive it around town and to the ballpark. I took a ton of pictures so I could document what I saw before and after and looking back now, a lot more makes sense to me now, though I'm still learning a ton. Here are a few pics to bring us to today. Getting ready for the sand blasters and powder coating. Special Thanks to Chris W. I am certain he didn't think this project was going to take so long, but I never would have learned this much or gotten this far if it wasn't for his help. (I even texted him with help posting photos to this Forum) Chris truly is all about people learning more about these scooters. Often times he encourages me to read the Lambretta forum for answers and become an active member. There aren't many people out there that I have met that would have put in this amount of time and effort, solely for the benefit of me learning. I'll be in debt to him every crab season for the next 10 years. Almost done with the cables and wiring, then we get to fire this baby up, can't wait! Looking forward to sharing more soon and more importantly riding around with you all… Cheers, PhillipR in SF
  7. Hi Guys, I've been having some problems with my Li the last two weeks. I've tried a few things, changed some things around and can't find the problem (for now). I would love the engine gurus, the riders, the experts...well...everybody if someone can give me an idea of what it can be. First the specs: Li 125 engine Used to have a Gori sport (modified by Gori himself) kit, but managed to destroy it, so now i have an unworked cilinder, basically a stockDL bored to 66mm, no tuning, stock portings 60mm GP Crank Li150 gearbox, 15/46, MB selector LTH chainpuller Surflex B clutchplates with stronger springs Gori Sport exhaust (36mm) slightly modified with bigger silencer (These are LOUD) Keihin 28PWK on MB intake, normally with LTH elbow and remote filter I run 3% Motul 800 (maybe a bit too much) Variotronic at 23° at 2000 to 4000rpm with NGK B9ES (maybe i should go down to 21° or less) If i've forgotten something, please ask Now the problem(s): Engine always ran well, pretty torquey for a low power engine. A few weeks ago i had to re-weld the exhaust because of poor fitting. I also checked piston, head, cilinder (light scoring around exhaust port after less then 1000km with this cilinder) The base gasket is 1mm aluminium, normally i put some sealant on it, but because it was al clean i put it on whitout (maybe one of the problems) Two weeks ago i went for a longer ride. Noticed it started not on first or second kick with choke, like usual. Thinking the mixture screw or pilot jet maybe wasn't perfect after i've put on the bigger silencer i didn't think much of it. When cold the bike ran as usual, except maybe a bit less smooth... Then after a couple of km's the engine began to rev high when letting loose of the throttle, changing gears and standing still at lights. Pulled aside and it looked like the rubber on carb maybe was a little bit loose, or it was the mixture screw. Turn off lammy, fettle a little, starts perfectly, first kick, runs great....form a km or so! Then it starts again. I carried on to where i was going, and checked everything. After sitting a while (cooling down) everything seemed normal...then it started again...worse and worse. In the week i changed the rubber carb mount, checked that everything was tight, changed sparkplug etc. Then checked jets, mixture screw and did some adjustments. Tried it a few times on the streets and everything looked good. Next day on a longer ride...again!! High revs and shaking when letting go of throttle, changing gears and standing still. If i let go of clutch a bit when standing still it lowers rpm a little (i now, not so good for clutch) I've checked everything i could think of: gaskets, rubbers, bolts, checked for oil/gasoline leaks etc I don't have a tool for an air leak test, so do the old school way with brake cleaner btw, no blue smoke! Anyone that has worked on same kind of problem? Sorry for the long text Gio
  8. I bought this Riverside from a Farmer in MD a few years ago. It had original plate with the last sticker in '71. Nobbys still on the original italian tires. It was in rough shape but solid. the motor was rebuilt with 47/18 sprockets and chain, A 175 top end bored over to 186, Scoot Rs pipe, 22 mm carb, 12 V conversion stator, harness, cdi, switches, Yamaha R1 Shock rear shock and front dampners added, new cables, tank was lined and an original Italian Giuliari Bench seat replaced the two saddle seats.
  9. Cool Italian Li 150 Lambretta. This Lambretta belonged to Gary Fisher at one time. Gary Fisher passed away in 2013. A good friend of ours. Lester Chiu owns the scooter now. Gary Fisher found this scooter in good original condition. It came with some cool crash-bar emblems that you don’t see often. I finally got a chance to take pictures of the scooter in the daylight this year. This is one of the best looking original condition Lambretta in Texas. Enjoy!
  10. OK, I've seen a bunch of Rallymaster Clones on the interwebs and some are different from the others. So, for all of you Anoraks out there... ...What were the specific type and manufacturer of the following on the Rallymaster (As Original). 1. Speedometer. 2. Tachometer and Cable/interface. 3. Seat with flat pan. 4. Spot light. I'm trying to gather materials to build a Clone. Thanks Kyle
  11. At Jedi Scotty's birthday pinball run he and I were on the only Lambrettas, both SXs. His bogged out and I was the sole remaining rider on a proper motorscooter... at least until Jon from Jet200 showed up later. Great ride, great pins... who won the tournament you ask. Yeah, it was me.
  12. If you are anywhere in or near Los Angles, including neighboring states, and you would like the ride you lambretta then you may want to attend this one. PlanetLambretta is sponsoring this year’s October 12 Palos Verdes Peninsula (PV) Vintage Lambretta ride. This year’s October route will be amazing. A scenic route with a bit of history, and some of the best riding roads in LA. Meet and greet: 10:00 AM at Charlie’s 601 N. Pacific Coast Highway. Redondo Beach. 90277 Coffee and pastries will be available as people start to arrive. Contact me if you have questions about trailer parking. A map of the ride will be provided. Ride leaves at 11:00 AM First Stop: Malaga Piazza. 11:30 AM-12:00 noon. Photo opportunity. Classic Italian Piazza with Italian architecture and Neptune’s Fountain at the center – an exact duplicate of the one in Bologna, Italy. Stop No.2: Malaga Cliff 12:15 AM- 12:45 AM, Overlooking the Malaga cove and south facing waves. Amazing View. Another photo op. Stop No. 3: Wayfarer’s Chapel 1:00 PM-1:30 PM. Designed by the son of the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. This glass chapel leaves you feeling as one with the surrounding trees and nature. A true LA hidden treasure. We should be able to see the Catalina Island if it’s clear. Last stop: Korean Bell memorial. 2:00 PM-2:30PM We will include a bit of Hollywood history in our route. The beginning of the movie “The Usual Suspects” was filmed at this location. We can fuel up again in case anyone is running low. Service truck with tools and fuel will be available for tow if needed. 3:00 PM Food and drinks at Charlie’s on PCH. please RSVP for proper headcount. lambretta175@hotmail.com
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