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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for a way to test if a stator/flywheel or big old-style coil is not working good _enough_. Coil was bought new and is the huge kind found on some 60s and older bikes attached with a large clamp. This is on a 64 Lambretta Cento. Have a cleaned up, points filed/cleaned stator with all continuity tested with multi-meter. New wiring harness with all connections tested on ignition circuit. Grounds all verified and grounded to frame. Verified zeroed voltage from engine to plug-cap and then when kicking it over seeing variation in voltage, but won't make a spark in the plug (tried multiple to be sure). Wondering what I should check next and how... don't have a spare coil since this is the unusual type.. wondering if I could try the more common type found on large-frame models or if there is a reason these bikes had the stupidly big coils (other than cheap availability when made?). And if that doesn't work, some method to test if the stator/flywheel combo is in the condition it should be. Maybe needs re-magging?
  2. Dim headlights! Its time to roll the dice and try something. My J50 Deluxe headlight have always been poor. Getting the scooter home before dark, Is a must! There are several ways to fix dim headlights. One common method is to, re-magnetize the flywheel, but some motors run excellent with dim lights. Something else maybe going on with the electrical system. When I think about it. All old motors have simple lighting systems. Wire rapped around metal, passing by a magnet. That makes electric energy. More wire, more energy. Simple! (I hope. haha ) Looking at Lambrettra’s 1960s two coil stator plate. The lighting coil, seems to have less wire than 1970s coils. On some old Ves-pa’s, the coils have more wire, and popped the 6 volt bulbs easy. This could be the reason for some Lambretta coils having less wire at the time? I remove the lighting coil and simply spliced in more wire. I added about 9 loops, of extra wire. (I got the extra wire from an old coil in my junk pile ) I didn’t do any calculation, I just filled in the extra space. I didn’t use a vote meter either. If the added voltage pop’s the 6 volt bulb. Its more than 6 volt! Simple logic. haha! Fire-up the motor and test. It worked!!! 9 extra loops of wire made the lights 40% brighter and didn’t pop the 6 volt bulb. I also added a 12 volt regulator to the J’s lighting system, because I plan on adding more loops of wire, to get the coils output up to 12 volt. (Note: I will be using a volt meter this time.) This trick should work for LD’s as well. Some LD’s have the same type of two coil stator plate with extra space to add more wire. Anthony Armstrong J headlights trick.
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