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Found 3 results

  1. During the winter, when I was finally stripping my 1969 GP200 engine case I noticed slight, hairline cracks and small holes around where I had the case welded many years before, as I had bought it as a non runner and it was indeed with a big, gaping hole in the crankcase in the crank area. I sent the engine to Taffspeed for repair and tuning. They had the case welded and repaired and then rebuilt it as a Honda 205 conversion. That later became a TS1 200, then a 225, 230 and sooner or later, a TS1 240. That was the plan anyway, until I noticed the cracks on the case. Money is tight here in Poland, the currency doesn't buy much and there are no local Lambretta specialists. Fortunately, I had a two week working stint in England and I brought the case with me, then sent it to MB. I told him not to hurry as there was now no way I could get the engine and bike sorted for this year's Euro Lambretta. I had intended to ride it, very fast, to Austria and back. It was going to be a 60 mm stroke x 71 mm bore RaceTour MB ported TS1. The cylinder is done, ceramic lined and ready and sitting in my parts bin. I've bought a 60 mm x 110 mm BGM full circle crank and an MB Big Head, his big, square, center plug racing head that he machined for my engine. But then I was unsure about the engine case and I wanted an engineer to have a look at it. Mark just messaged me that the case had sagged around the welding repair, making it difficult or impossible to seal the mag flange. He thinks it may have been this way for a long time. I wonder if that might be the reason behind the unreliability of the scooter over so many years. The WCLW built TS1 in my street racer is still going strong and I'm amazed by its reliability though it's true that I work on it often - a top end inspection and maybe a new set of rings is overdue and I'll get that done before June and Austria. But my GP200 has never been reliable. As a Honda 205 it seized dramatically as I rode it to Euro Lambretta 2000, as a TS1 200 it threw piston rings twice, then after the cylinder was bored out to 70 mm and 225 cc it threw a ring again after seizing on the motorway. It always had problems on long, fast rides. I always thought that these problems were due to my own stupidity, but maybe, maybe, when hot, the mag flange would leak and problems would ensue. The good news is that MB has repaired the engine case and the price was shockingly low. He's ready to send it back to me but I'll wait until I'm back in England so the shipping costs will be less and I can carry the case with me on the plane, or to my flat, depending on if I decide to stay in Blighty. And hopefully, my mango orange GP200 will be back on the road as a bloody fast tourer. I hope to pull a 4.7 or maybe 4.6 : 1 final drive ratio with good horsepower and torque without overheating. Maybe I'll run it fully exposed and shave the flywheel. I intend to run a scoop to funnel more air direct to the cylinder head. In the meantime, I'm "preparing" my street racer for the ride to Austria. That amounts to inspecting the top end, ring gap and reeds, and buying any spares I may need, and raising the gearing to 17 x 48 for 4.8 :1 final drive ratio as Andy Francis told me his Franspeed Race exhaust on a TS1 can pull this one-up. The plan is to truck the scooters to Southern Poland and ride from there, through the mountains of Poland, The Czech Republic, and Austria and down to Ebensee. I don't want to waste time and fuel riding across the flat of the land with the crazy car and lorry driving antics for which this place is famous. I'm sorry for the long post but my camera is down and if a picture is worth a thousand words I've still many more to write.
  2. I have heard recently that MB may start making his 5 speed close ratio gearbox that I posted pics of several years ago. At the time, he had only two prototypes made. He kept one and sold another to a friend. These were to have retailed for 1,500 pounds sterling, so he decided to not make them. Then RLC/DRT debuted their Cyclone 5 using some of the same ideas as Mark's (not saying anyone copied anyone, it was only a matter of time until someone designed a 5 speed by eliminating the space between the gears). The MB 5 speed, made in Great Britain, was supposedly rated up to 55 hp. Now, as the RLC/DRT Cyclone 5 gearboxes are currently rated for 20 hp and their F1 version for high hp engines is still in development, the MB one might just fill that niche, if he can lower the price.
  3. Hey guys, specifically those of you who are running a RaceTour kit, I have some questions for you. How do like the kit? Does it do what you expected? Is it reliable? Did you tune it further? What sort of hp / torque figures are you getting, if you have dynoed it? What sort of speeds are you getting on the road, top speed, cruising, etc. How about acceleration? And what about mpg? Are you happy with the kit? Disappointed? Would you recommend it to someone else?
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