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Found 3 results

  1. Frozen Finger Rally 2014 Put on by Ron and Denver from ACE scooter club Dallas, Texas. The frozen finger is cold, and sometimes in extremely bad weather. Hence, Frozen Finger. This year the weather delivered. The Frozen Finger was in far Fort Worth, Texas / Roanoke. I was going to trailer my Series 2 Lambretta to the rally like the other guys. My trailer was hooked up, ready to go. I looked at the weather. It seemed to be clearing up at the time. I thought, so I jumped on the Lambretta and road off. 5 miles down the road, on the 50 mile trip, it started drizzling. It didn’t get any better. It just got colder and colder. No turning back now. For the most part the Frozen Finger rally was fun, and I discovered a cool road on the way that was fun to ride. The road was long, low traffic, with slow speeds. Dove Rd in Grapevine, Texas. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zqqroWTsino0.kJrjaw20pxMQ When I made it to Tim‘s house in Roanoke, TX. Rob Roden was there on his Lambretta Jet200 Performer, Flying the Lambretta clubs banner. Very cool. Rob Roden’s good friend John Council sold-out for the weekend and road a V3$p@. John Council has some of the best Lambretta’s in Dallas and he road a V3$p@. Sometimes, John just falls off the wagon, haha! After the rally, a few guys offered me a trailer ride back to Dallas. Me, trying to be a big baller, said No way, I ride a Lambretta! Sometime being a big baller is not a good idea. haha It got a lot colder, and rained a little on the way back. When I made it to the Dubliner in Dallas, for my after rally drink. My hands were shaking so bad I couldn’t hold it. An Irish whiskey fixed that problem right up. And I made it home around 9:00pm. The entire scooter ride was about 160 miles. Really lucky! I was having problems with the clutch lever at the rally. I make it home, and find I had a busted cable. Thank god I made it home, because my hand don’t work when I’m really cold, haha!
  2. Nic Young’s first scooter ride to the Dubliner in Dallas, TX on his 1958 Series 1, Li150 Lambretta from Rockwall, TX. I rebuilt the motor and helped Nic with a lot of problems he was having with the scooter. When Nic got the scooter back together, I told Nic to ride around his neighborhood a lot before you takes it on a long ride. This will flush out any problems that could happen on a long ride. Sunday, John Council, another Lambretta club member and I was on a long scooter ride, south of Dallas. We pulled over to fix a small problem on John’s Jet200. I get a text from Nic, asking about unlocking the handlebar? I’m thinking, Nic will never get that scooter on the rode! I called Nic back. he didn’t pick up the phone. John and I continue riding south. When we made it back to Dallas, we stopped at the Libertine bar before heading to the Dubliner. Nic called me from the Dubliner? and said. He would come down to the Libertine. I knew Nic had to be in his car again! Nic rode up on his Series 1 Lambretta! I was in shock, when I was Nic Young on the Series 1 Lambretta! Nic worked on this scooter a ton, with me helping a lot also. I was thinking, it would be a longtime before Nic could do a cross town scooter ride with his Series 1, because of all the little problems that kept popping up. It was great to see Nic on his Series 1 Lambretta finally. Nic worked on his Lambretta for over a year. Now he is doing cross town rides. Kickass!
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