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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there Lambrettaverse, Is anyone using this BGM ORIGINAL, non-stainless, chrome rim?: http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/BGM7960C/Wheel+rim+BGM+ORIGINAL+Lambretta+LI+1st+series+2nd+series+3rd+series+LI+S+SX+TV+2nd+series+3rd+series+chrome?meta= If so, how does it compare, durability-wise to the BGM PRO, polished stainless rim?: http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/BGM7970/Wheel+rim+BGM+PRO+Lambretta+LI+1st+series+2nd+series+3rd+series+LI+S+SX+TV+2nd+series+3rd+series+stainless+steel+polished?meta= My assumption is that both are top quality but that the less-expensive, chromed rim probably gets duller quicker. Any light shed is appreciated. Cheers, Damon
  2. Box type of performance exhausts are all the rage right now due to the increase in performance with stock looks. Here is a list of the basic ones currently available and what to expect from them: AF Rayspeed/UNI/KBA Clubman/SIL Big Bore This is the most common and oldest box pipe on the market and for many years, it was the only option for those who wanted to retain the stock look and sound with an increase in performance. Fitment on these is all over the place. Some fit really well and some fit terrible. Prices vary between the AF and the Indian versions but they are all made in India and quality/performance is about the same across the board. The only really suspect version is the SIL exhaust as those are often made for SIl by outside vendors so the quality varies dramatically between them. Generally the quaity is acceptable between the UNI, KBA and AF versions although again, the fitment could be perfect on one but the next be almost unusable. Performance on these is slightly above standard with a deep exhaust note. Power is in the low and mid-range. BGM/MRB Clubman: This was one of the first pipes in the recent wave of updated box type exhausts. It comes only in oiled raw steel so it is up to the buyer to either high temp paint it or get it ceramic coated professionally. Fitment of this particular pipe is not forgiving. That is not to say it doesn't fit, but instead consider it to be a tight and precise fit with not a lot of slop built into it. That is not necessarily a bad thing but this will not be an easy exhaust to take on and off if necessary. On Series 1/2 models expect to fit a Series 3 shock due to clearance issues with the rear frame strut. Performance on this exhaust is all about the steady and linear delivery of torque and low-mid range power. That makes it ideally suited for stock engines or kits that create a lot of low or mid-range power like the MRB/BGM RT, the Mugello, the Casa 186/210, etc. Kits with long legs to them like the Imola/Monza, TS1 and Casa SS kits are not well paired as you will be leaving a lot of performance on the table as this pipe does not rev as high as those kits do. That does not make this a bad exhaust, it is actually quite good and offers a lot of power on tap off the line or when touring. Sito/Evergreen Ancillotti This pipe was designed by Tino Sacchi and is manufactured by Sito in Italy. It comes with a chrome head pipe and the box itself only comes in silver. Expect the chrome header to flake off after a short amount of use. I am unsure as to why, although nit is entirely possible it is paint or nickel plating and not actually chrome, which would explain this. Earlier versions of this exhaust had issues with fouling the center stand although this was resolved on the latest version. The unique head pipe design makes this one of the easiest and adaptable box exhausts currently available. On Series 1/2 models expect to fit a Series 3 shock due to clearance issues with the rear frame strut. Performance on this exhaust differs from some of the other offerings as it is designed to rev higher. That means that this exhaust would be better paired to kits that rev higher than other big box exhausts although it still works well on a standard setup. Casa Series 1/2 Big Bore This particular exhaust is designed exclusively for fitment on Series 1/2 Lambrettas to retain stock looks and fitment. Fitment of this exhaust is fairly straight forward and overall it fits well. It uses the standard 1 piece U-bend like OEM exhausts or Indian/AF/KBA type exhausts. The U-bend comes in silver with the box itself being in black although expect the silver paint to burn off in pretty short order. Performance on this pipe is on par with the Indian/AF/KBA Clubman type of exhausts. Do not expect to be blown away by it but considering the limitations of the S1/2 exhaust box design, this is to be expected. Scootopia Ancillotti Scootopia recently put their hat in the ring with a new Ancillotti exhaust design. These come with a chrome head pipe and silver body that is similar to the Sito/Evergreen Ancillotti. Fitment: ? Performance: ? Gori Exhaust About? Fitment:? Performance: ?
  3. OK, as the title says... ... Which Cylinder / head kit is best setup for TOURING? Needs to be able to best meet the following: What I want.. - 70 MPH cruising (two up) - Reliable - will last more than two seasons of riding What I have to use... - JL KRP3 Pipe - (OKO)PWK 24mm Carb - JET 200 Motor Just brain storming for another 200cc build. Appreciate any input regarding choice of Cylinders/heads. Kyle
  4. Hey guys, specifically those of you who are running a RaceTour kit, I have some questions for you. How do like the kit? Does it do what you expected? Is it reliable? Did you tune it further? What sort of hp / torque figures are you getting, if you have dynoed it? What sort of speeds are you getting on the road, top speed, cruising, etc. How about acceleration? And what about mpg? Are you happy with the kit? Disappointed? Would you recommend it to someone else?
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