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  1. Christopher, Thanks once again for all your help and advice ! You have helped me more than anyone with scooters, several times, and have helped me get all my scooters ALWAYS running tip-top. I wish I was half the mechanic you are. ( maybe one day ? )Looks like I'm going to go BGM. Hope to show you my LI soon and kick you some wine. This will be the first Lambretta I have put a kit on. Great to hear from you and all the nice people on this forum. Best, Rich
  2. Derek, Thanks for advice. I have BGM electronic ignition already, My crank is a newer low mile stock Li crank, Could I use existing crank and still get good results I'm from Santa Rosa, nice to see Petaluma representing ! Love riding through West Luma to Stinson Beach. I live there part time. Thanks again ! Rich
  3. I'm very new to anything performance on a Lambretta. I have a early 1963 Li 150 Im trying to get to go a bit faster and climb better. I currently have stock 150 barrel and piston and a 25mm Dellorto carb, running through the air box with an ancillotti exhaust. Hoping to climb easier and go a bit faster. Not looking to go Bezerker. or race. Want reliability to be number one priority. Hoping to keep everything I have currently and just add a kit and possibly re-jet current carb ? I'm far from a good or decent Lambretta mechanic and could use some advice from anyone who has time ! I'm thinking about the two kits above...Mugello 200cc kit or BGM 195cc kit ? Much Appreciated.. Cheers, Rich
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