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  1. That would be close - AND - fantastic. The whole area is booming with some great entertainment close by and access to some of the most scenic and beautiful parts of Pennsylvania. VOTE PA
  2. Thanks Patrick (Great Name btw!)....NEXT YEAR for sure....too much stuff going on in July this year to make it.
  3. Eric - I'll take that bet (for a beer)....I have a ton of jets and needles I'll have with me for the weekend. See you up there!
  4. Eric - first rally for this bike, so not taking any chances - trailoring it up. Trying to put a lot of miles on it this week to break in new Mugello kit. The bike flies but it's giving me some Bogging issues at low rpm from hard stops (lights . intersections etc)....Have a smaller idle jet to try out on Friday. I know there will be a lot of knowledge to tap into at Whiskey Dick V so loking forward to meeting you
  5. Looking forward to meeting you (hope I haven't jinxed myself now with this!)
  6. Hi everyone - longtime lurker, first time actually posting. Wanted to share some photos of my ride - been 6 years in the making (long story!) to get this bike road & rally ready. But she's finally there. Big THANKS to Gene & Chino at Scooters Originali for all their help fixing out the bugs 1967 Lis 150 Special. Mugello 225 Keihin 28mm carb ScootRS pipe Runs like a dream, so looking forward to her debut rally this weekend at Whiskey Dick V
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