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  1. Lambretta Jamboree is as epic as you make it. Thank for bringing you wisdom and enthusiasm to South Dakota! We now bask in the afterglow!
  2. I'm looking to buy a cover for scooter. any recommendations out there?
  3. nice! I know it sat a long time and needs a rebuild, so the million dollar question: does it run? Oddly, I never expected it to end up in Alaska, but make perfect sense. I actually got a shipping quote to Vancouver for about $450, but I couldn't determine if it was a "runner" or not. Nice score!
  4. Geat day, great route! We had an unfortunate mishap before we got started, but relatively breakdown-free.
  5. i think just about any positive reaction is acceptable. I typically "like" replies.
  6. I hauled my TV on one a few times, about 1000 miles. It worked OK. be careful with your splash plate on the center reinforcement. you'll want to look at accessories to keep it from rocking in the receiver. also get the extension that lifts the receiver height. I did sell mine and bought a Verahauler, which is better quality, more stable.
  7. I was 12 when my family did a Washington to Wisconsin summer vacation, which included seeing the sites of Black Hills/Custer/Mt Rushmore. I don't remember much, but looking forward to seeing it again by Lambretta. I do remember seeing a lot of Wall Drug billboards and dust in Wyoming, though.
  8. I once made a tool to check the timing. got my timing wheel and read up, but I was never confident I had it right. then I popped the timing tool out. visually (with flashlight) moved the piston to TDC, backed it off to what the BTDC number according to my timing wheel. installed plug, connected the coil and fired it up. it was spot on with the timing light. I don't suggest doing that, but it worked for me!
  9. I did. it's there. So far I have learned that both Scootopia and Casa stock pipes have no baffle, just wide open expansion chambers. I got my original welded up and will run it until I can afford the Tutto exhaust in a couple months.
  10. Thanks Mike. I saw this on the Tutto site. This shows the mushroom. I'm getting conflicting information from Scootopia regarding their baffles/mushroom. I don't know what Casa is inside though I do know their Ancillotti is a straight pipe and expansion chamber, which is not right for my stock setup. I thought I was coming to a conclusion when I see Tutto's partner is Scootopia, but apparently not for exhausts as Scootopia states their S3 stock exhausts are based on the late SX design which have no baffles/mushroom.
  11. I'm getting around to painting my gear indicator arrow and 1-•-2-3-4. What's the right paint to use? Color red and brand? thanks
  12. anyone have a photo of an original series three exhaust opened up? showing inside?
  13. I'm looking for opinions on the Scootopia vs. Casa stock exhausts for the series 3. Info like quality, performance and fit. How do they stack up to original Innocenti exhausts? I'm not interested in hearing about clubman or big bore exhausts. thanks
  14. stoked! do google street view through Custer and you'll see it was shot during a mini-Sturgis
  15. I know there are a lot of tuners out there, but that's not me. Original machines are what I'm attracted to. I don't care if I'm a little slower. If I want to go fast, I'll drive BMW. I'll do stock-ish upgrades like maybe a larger carb or 12v electronic ignition or a slight upgrade to the exhaust. I have no plans for bigger cylinders or adding a 5th gear.
  16. according to ebay, "$209 for 24 months" bargain
  17. Cool, Mike! let me know, joe@barthlow.com thanks
  18. I'm looking for the one that goes onto the tool box next to the battery tray
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