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  1. I've seen a video of it running when they changed out the original fuel tank. The actual tank is pretty gunked up and I'm going to send it off to be cleaned inside and coated, so till I get that back I won't know. The thing I like most about it so far, it makes me smile every time I walk in my garage.
  2. The intended plan changes week by week. It varies from the Q-ship style, ( all go and no show) , just a regular everyday usable machine, a full strip down rebuild , repaint etc or a full on custom paint job with engraving. It might end up as 70s scooterboy machine, flipflop backrest, bubble screen and a furry seat First step is getting it back in a running condition, then I'll see.
  3. K-dog asked me to select Caption Contest 2's winner, so obviously the winner is PeteAK. Apparently self promotion is frowned upon, so the actual winner is Thomas_Kemp
  4. Management thought that Fabio's idea for a new version of Jenga had possibilities, but they were concerned about the cost.
  5. Just remembered that Alaska has a 30 day titling requirement for vehicles, so I headed off to the DMV this afternoon. ( I went for the first time on Wednesday, but didn't take the Lammy with me, so had to go back today) Handed over my Customs Import paperwork and Bill of Sale and the very nice lady said, let's go check the VIN. Went back outside showed her the scoot strapped to the back of the Jeep and where the VIN is stamped on the frame tube. Oh she says, that's so small I can't read that, just you read it out me ! 5 minutes later, I am walking out of the DMV with my new title and $15 less well off.
  6. Goodies arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks k-dog
  7. No, young man, I'm pretty sure she was waving at me.
  8. Safely in the garage, while I sort out my plan of attack.
  9. As some of you will have seen on the club's FB Classified page recently, there was a 1974 Jet 200 put up for sale in the city of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Canada. I'm very happy to say that scoot now belongs to me and it has made the journey west ( and north just a little bit) and now lives in Alaska. Getting it thru Customs went fairly quickly, despite a bit of a rocky start when the Customs official didn't like the "incomplete" VIN, as it wasn't 17 digits long, and he was sure that meant it wouldn't comply with the DoT and EPA standards. He didn't look too convinced by my statement that the scoot was exempt due to its age, but as I handed over the necessary paperwork, he mellowed and after inspecting the Jet, he became a very pleasant chap to deal with. And, he never charged me any import duty either. Here's a couple of pics from the journey home. The Jet has covered a total of 77 miles from new, was last registered in 1991, and has been sitting under covers for most of it's life. Every time I touched any of the rubber pieces, they pretty much disintegrated into pieces in my hands. But the body is solid with only a few scrapes and bare spots and I'm looking forward to stripping it down and bringing it back to life.
  10. My auto renewal went through in early December and I was just wanting to check if the club still sends out the patch/ year flash thingie ? I haven't received anything and don't know if it's gone astray.
  11. PeteAK

    Barn Find !

    My occasional search for just the right Lambretta at just the right price has, of course, failed to produce anything that gets close to ticking the boxes of model, (cheap) price, condition and the trickiest one, location. So you can imagine my delight when a friend of a friend said if I was really after a Lambretta, she had one in her garage, sitting under covers and was just 40 miles away. Initial enquiries sounded promising, bought new in 1975, only 200 miles on it, been sitting in her garage since 1985. Sadly, it turns out that friend of a friend is obviously unable to read and that her "Lambretta" was actually a small frame V3$p@ Primavera 125 cc.
  12. It looked good before, simply splendid now
  13. Can you post a pic of your set up Upjettr please?
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