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  1. Thanks, would the 12v non-battery set up still work with indicators?
  2. Man, major bummer to hear about Gene and ScootersO. When did that happen? Their website is up, but it says they're in Washington State now? So they got bought out? I think it was a couple of years ago. It is now operated by Rob Grundy. I've bought a few things from him and he's been very helpful.
  3. I'd love to have a look at something like that too. I haven't even started on mine, nearly a year after getting it, because every time I sit down to figure where to start and what to do, it all seems to become quite daunting.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I have looked using the search function and could see the info I'm after. I have a 74 Jet 200 that needs a new battery. It has a dead B39-6 at the moment, and I've been unable to locate a replacement "wet" battery of the right dimensions. The only one I can source locally is about an inch to wide to sit in the battery tray. Anyone have any bright ideas about finding a B39-6 ? (bearing in mind I live on the far side of the moon, as far as shipping companies are concerned.)
  5. PeteAK

    Renewal "goodies"

    Second year in a row this has happened now. Still not received my renewal bits from Dec. Either the Alaska Post Office has a thing about my LCUSA stuff or you guys just don’t like me.
  6. Thanks for all your efforts with the club store. You have set a high standard for them to follow.
  7. Tried getting on to the members bit of the forum and am getting Error code: 1F176/3 I did get a membership renewal notice thru last month which I ignored because I,m' on the autorenewal programme
  8. K-dog asked me to select Caption Contest 2's winner, so obviously the winner is PeteAK. Apparently self promotion is frowned upon, so the actual winner is Thomas_Kemp
  9. Management thought that Fabio's idea for a new version of Jenga had possibilities, but they were concerned about the cost.
  10. Goodies arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks k-dog
  11. No, young man, I'm pretty sure she was waving at me.
  12. My auto renewal went through in early December and I was just wanting to check if the club still sends out the patch/ year flash thingie ? I haven't received anything and don't know if it's gone astray.
  13. PeteAK

    Barn Find !

    My occasional search for just the right Lambretta at just the right price has, of course, failed to produce anything that gets close to ticking the boxes of model, (cheap) price, condition and the trickiest one, location. So you can imagine my delight when a friend of a friend said if I was really after a Lambretta, she had one in her garage, sitting under covers and was just 40 miles away. Initial enquiries sounded promising, bought new in 1975, only 200 miles on it, been sitting in her garage since 1985. Sadly, it turns out that friend of a friend is obviously unable to read and that her "Lambretta" was actually a small frame V3$p@ Primavera 125 cc.
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