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  1. Plenty of casinos near Seattle, with real roulette tables. There's even a racetrack with horse racing if that's your thing.
  2. New ones are still made: http://www.buzzsolomoto.co.uk/scooters-parts.php/dept/suspension/cat/LAM-016/order/productcode/ascend/false/id/004199 They're available in black & red too. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks Mike! Some of this is a little over my head as it is new to me, but it seems that a 19/46 should work fine for me.
  4. I'm looking for recommendations on a front sprocket/chain combination. I'll be running a cyclone 5 speed gearbox (latest version). Setup is a Mugello 225, 30mm carb, BGM clubman & 46 tooth crownwheel. I've got it narrowed down to either a 19 tooth front sprocket with an 82 link chain, or a 20 tooth front sprocket with an 83 link chain. No intentions for racing, just want something for cruising/touring but with power when needed. Will occasionally be riding two up as well. Which of the two options would prove more versatile for my needs while being more reliable in the long run?
  5. I have the same Scootopia rear hub, the cone that was supplied with mine resembles your original one. The gap between the inner cone edge & hub splines seems smaller too, probably only enough room for a washer (I don't know if a washer actually goes there, haven't got around to installing yet). Hope this helps!
  6. I thought I'd revive this thread as I'm in the market for a disc brake. There's a few new kits on the market, I'd like some advice or a recommendation. Looking for something that has quality parts, works flawlessly & compatible with tubeless rims. Safety is my priority concern for obvious reasons, not to mention I'll be giving the wife a hike from time to time. I'm running dampeners on my bike as well. Is anti-dive overkill for non-race applications, or a safety improvement as well for normal riding? Thanks in advance!
  7. Sorry, haven't been on here in a while. If the Starstream was listed on here a few months ago, I'm the person who bought it. Didn't find out about this forum till afterwards. Picked it up from a couple in Portland via Craigslist who seemed really nice! If they're on this forum as well, they can rest assured that it went to good home. My wife has since claimed it as her own. Cool bike, I must admit!
  8. Thanks for the tip! It's not permanent, just a quick mock-up with zip ties & tape.It's a custom harness too, if it doesn't look stock
  9. A couple pics of my 74 Serveta custom build, (current stage of restoration) For the sake of disclosure, a local friend is doing the build for me. Since all this is new to me & I want to know how everything works, I help & get in the way whenever possible. Most of the stuff I do has to be fixed, or adjusted, ha! But hey, I'm having fun learning & you got to start somewhere, right?
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Here's a pic of my wife's 66' Starstream
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