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  1. The Comfort Suites has been honoring the group block price after the expiration date, because they are super stoked to be hosting us. If you were on the fence about coming...
  2. The Saturday night DJ works there I recommend visiting and going through their 50c room. Lots of treasures to be found.
  3. I've been busy, but if you change you mind, look at Bieber Bus http://www.biebergroup.com/
  4. Also, the hall is not going to mind if you bring snacks for them.
  5. Sally, its a really big hall, with a massive dancefloor. There's plenty of room for them to run around and let of steam too, but more than enough room to set up a kids table. The Friday night venue wouldn't be so good for them, however.
  6. Last day to register for Lammy Jammy and guarantee a tee size - June 30th.Last day to register and be able to eat the sit down meal at the do on Saturday night - July 7th.Don't procrastinate. Get your registration done NOW. Make sure you're logged in to get the member's price http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/
  7. I've added more details to the Itinerary. Don't forget to pre register, or you might not be able to eat on Saturday night, or get a tee in your size!
  8. Tomorrow is the last day to book the hotel at our reduced rate for this year's Lammy Jammy. Rates WILL go up after our room slots expire. BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW!. The official hotel, and base for the weekend's events is Comfort Suites University 120 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA, US, 18015 Call the hotel directly at (610) 882-9700 and ask for the Lammy Jammy Group Block 2017. The code is set up for the nights of Thursday July 13th till Monday July 17th, and remember the rooms have sofa beds in should you want to share. You also have a choice of 2 x full beds or 1 x king bed. The rate is $129.95 per night and includes a cooked breakfast buffet. This rate and the Lammy Jammy room block will be held until June 15th 2017, after which reservation will be made on a space available basis only. I will warn you, the whole area gets booked up pretty quickly, so don't delay. Pet accommodation: $20.00/night per pet (limit 2 pets/room, 50 lbs. and under). All Comfort Suites are smoke free. They will require your details and a credit card to take your reservation.
  9. Porter, has the talk come to anything? Have the people booked? The last time I met with the tourist bureau, no one attending the JAmmy had contacted me about tours, and its now getting a little late to get in some of these places as a group.
  10. I didn't set it up, and I have no idea who did.It must have been one of the parents. I do remember some one asking if there would be a problem with it. The hotel and the organisers couldn't have arranged it "officially", just because of bureaucratic red tape, so I think that's why the parents did it. The Lammy Jammy Comfort Suites rooms do have a separate sofa area, almost like a sitting area, so that kind of thing would be totally doable. I could also buy in some activity/craft materials, or get stuff for movies and popcorn if it is going to happen.
  11. There is no pool at this hotel, I'm afraid. A pool was on my wish list, but ultimately the hotels with pools proved just too difficult to work with. Dorney has a water park, as well as a coaster park, and I can probably get group tickets for that if there is interest. The likelihood is that there will be no 2nd hotel, as this one is larger than our needs. All hotel rooms in the area get booked up very early, so don't leave it to the last minute to try and book a room. I'll sort out the groups that want to visit Crayola next year, a wee bit nearer to the event time. There are other places that people might want to visit too. CF Martin Guitar company factory visit, and to Mack Truck headquarters -Andrea
  12. I added items to the itinerary here, and updated the Facebook event page with the hotel details. The web page will be updated today.
  13. I've started a Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/183904848711867/ Please invite everyone that you think should go. Thank you
  14. If all you people bringing children want to visit some of the stuff in the area, like Crayola, let me know and I can arrange group tickets. The tourist board/Discover Lehigh Valley are excited to help me out on this.
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