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  1. 16 hours ago, Roger Hudnut said:

    My guess, no.  The reason I say that is ... The outer easily stretches from the upper perch down to the carburetor perch.  Its the inner cable that isn't reaching deep enough in the carburetor to reach the slide.  

    I've just visited a scooter site, and found Extra Long inner cables. For now I think that I'm going to go that route.  However, I am still interested in knowing how to properly purchase / install the throttle cable.

    Thanks for your reply Scott!!  I'll send you a 4 pack of McMenamin's Hammer Head Ale if your interested??  

    You’re more than welcome.  No beer mailing needed, but I’d be glad to share one at a future Jammy with you.  Continued good luck with the build.

  2. Any chance there’s a cable routing problem?  I’ve always had extra inches/slack when installing new throttle inner/outers.  I’ll be curious to see what response you get after folks measure what they have laying around and get back to this thread.  I don’t have a new outer handy, otherwise check it out. 

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