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Status Updates posted by ScottWally

  1. Jet will get modern carb (Del PHBL 24) and Casa Electronic ignition. Sorry for the Italian 'transfusion' but worth it.

  2. Everything broken in on the Special, head re-torqued, ready for Boston. Ran great even at 9600ft above sea level - ask 'Scooter Libby/Rico Suave'. Too bad we had to share it and trade off riding my loaner P...no comparison, eh?

  3. Casa185 and Del'PHBL24mm installed in the Special, also reinstalled a keyed ignition switch - so far so good.

  4. Wish me luck installing my Casa185 on the Special next week - hoping not to pull out too much hair during the operation :^(

  5. Thanks to all the people who got the new site up and running - it is great!

  6. Great to be here - thank you Kelley and Greg!!!

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