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  1. You’re more than welcome. No beer mailing needed, but I’d be glad to share one at a future Jammy with you. Continued good luck with the build.
  2. Any chance there’s a cable routing problem? I’ve always had extra inches/slack when installing new throttle inner/outers. I’ll be curious to see what response you get after folks measure what they have laying around and get back to this thread. I don’t have a new outer handy, otherwise check it out.
  3. Thanks for all you’ve done over the past 10+(?) years Matt!!!
  4. Since you can’t ‘upvote’ moderators posts, Tony says...
  5. Registered (Jo and myself) now that I have a ‘new’ truck to make a road trip to the Jamboree. Perfect day in Denver to plan a visit to Florida, eh?
  6. Might help here if you have a link, I tried your pic above and nothing. We are a totally lazy bunch of moped riders 😀
  7. I heard LCUSA got some publicity (a couple of legshield banners in pics) in the Mile High Mayhem article. I’m not a subscriber, only heard it through Denver James’ post on Facebook.
  8. Just a quick ‘shout out’ hoping all of our California members are doing okay during this exceptional fire season for them. I vividly remember driving from Colorado Springs to Denver during the year of the cancelled Jammy and using my wipers to clear the ash from the windshield on my Ranger. I can’t imagine what you folks are going through - take care out there.
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