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  1. feel free to delete the ‘test’ since I can’t 🙄
  2. Just noticed today that at least on the mobile version things are a little more 'slick' - did we get new server or software? Seems fine - special thanks to those running this show behind the curtain. ?
  3. Jet will get modern carb (Del PHBL 24) and Casa Electronic ignition. Sorry for the Italian 'transfusion' but worth it.

  4. Everything broken in on the Special, head re-torqued, ready for Boston. Ran great even at 9600ft above sea level - ask 'Scooter Libby/Rico Suave'. Too bad we had to share it and trade off riding my loaner P...no comparison, eh?

  5. Casa185 and Del'PHBL24mm installed in the Special, also reinstalled a keyed ignition switch - so far so good.

  6. Wish me luck installing my Casa185 on the Special next week - hoping not to pull out too much hair during the operation :^(

  7. Thanks to all the people who got the new site up and running - it is great!

  8. Great to be here - thank you Kelley and Greg!!!

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