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  1. The modern Dell’s make main jet changes a snap too, and really comes in handy here in the Rockies with frequent altitude changes.
  2. When original and repro SH’s are running well they’re nice and simple - and once you get them started they will run strong. But once they get ‘tired’ it really takes away from the enjoyment of these great motos. I switched to modern Dell PHBL’s with a solid intake manifold (no rubber mount) about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Would be great if you get it resolved so you can enjoy what’s left of Spring. Summer heat can also play havoc on a sketchy carb.
  3. There’s always Vittotio’s guide if you’re wanting to be super specific on your resto. There are a couple editions/versions. (Pic ‘stolen’ off Google)
  4. That scooter went from Denver to Custer roundtrip last year for Jammy along with the Parkway Aces duo. Boston definitely represented.
  5. Eric P. “Red boots love you long”, eh? 😀
  6. I briefly owned a 2010 Harley XR1200 - I loved the look because it resembled Evel Knievel’s straight track bikes from way back when. I bought it used for less than half what it originally retailed. The composite, multi part gas tank was total crap, and because so few of them at the time, no after market metal tanks available. I prefer ‘stock’ bikes, so it really wasn’t an option for me anyway. Great bike when it ran, was considered the ‘Harley that loves turns’, but it had many electric problems and was not dependable. I ride mostly by myself and sometimes outside of cell coverage, so a sketchy bike was not for me. Back now to having another throwback bike, a Honda CB1000, as my highway moto (when I’m not riding my Silver Special a few hundred miles, eh?) because it’s absolutely bulletproof dependable. Never could ride a big ‘bagger’ so that was my one shot at owning an American made bike. This great picture was taken while waiting for the tow truck 🙄 First time I’ve ever had a motorcycle towed in over 30+ years of riding. RIP HD
  7. Stripes! 😀
  8. You’re more than welcome. No beer mailing needed, but I’d be glad to share one at a future Jammy with you. Continued good luck with the build.
  9. Any chance there’s a cable routing problem? I’ve always had extra inches/slack when installing new throttle inner/outers. I’ll be curious to see what response you get after folks measure what they have laying around and get back to this thread. I don’t have a new outer handy, otherwise check it out.
  10. Thanks for all you’ve done over the past 10+(?) years Matt!!!
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