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  1. Might help here if you have a link, I tried your pic above and nothing. We are a totally lazy bunch of moped riders 😀
  2. I heard LCUSA got some publicity (a couple of legshield banners in pics) in the Mile High Mayhem article. I’m not a subscriber, only heard it through Denver James’ post on Facebook.
  3. Just a quick ‘shout out’ hoping all of our California members are doing okay during this exceptional fire season for them. I vividly remember driving from Colorado Springs to Denver during the year of the cancelled Jammy and using my wipers to clear the ash from the windshield on my Ranger. I can’t imagine what you folks are going through - take care out there.
  4. Thanks! Or should I say (in Polish) Dziękuję
  5. Audio caption thanks to The Kingsmen!
  6. Representing with the DL. Hopefully Joe, Chris (both of them) and Missi will be able to add more pics.
  7. And if you’re looking for a ‘traditional cover, a few folks have been using the large BBQ grill covers. The Amazon basics versions are mega heavy duty and priced better than a cover specific to motos.
  8. Indoors or outdoors? Something like this seems to be the way to go if outside, or if room inside, as it doesn’t set on your moto
  9. I was waiting to reply as this has been mentioned before, but most ‘better’ bicycle shops can custom make you a cable outer - they have the cool nipple installer that makes it look clean. If you’re color matching you can generally bring them one that’s oversize and they can trim and ‘nipple’ it for a small fee (cash, 6 pack, etc.). Jon, do you have the nipple thing at Jet200? (Of course will be waiting for all the nipple jokes😀)
  10. ScottWally


    Man, I thought somebody bought or was selling one 😉
  11. He’s done magic with the J-Range stuff as proven by Heather’s success with them.
  12. I’ll stick out my neck and say Adam (of Sole Power) is following the path of Vince Mross (sp?) from the old days at WCLW and Dean Suinn for creative and cost effective engineering and building of go fast stuff. I’m a ‘keep it as stock as possible’ guy, so I’m not an expert for sure. You might try and contact him direct or through the LCUSA Facebook site (or here) to find out about he pipe in question. It would be nice to have another North American designer and engineer looked upon favorably, and they can’t progress without our support. That MON clan rocks when it comes to representing the LCUSA for sure. Cheers!
  13. I second Gibbs - I use it on some bare metal parts on my VW too.
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