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  1. ScottWally

    Good Sam/Good Scooter Club decal

    Representing on the VW wing window - thanks Kieran!
  2. ScottWally

    Kick It!! My LI125 project

    Hope it will be built and ready to ride at the Jammy in Custer 😀
  3. ScottWally

    Black Hills Lodging

    Oh yeah! I’m a
  4. ScottWally

    good club decals

    I’m in. How many minimum to do a run? The Lambretta Guy looks much better than the Good Sam guy 😀
  5. ScottWally

    LC Polska shirt

    Lucky to have gotten this as an ‘in-kind’ exchange from JR in Illinois. He’s a member of LCUSA and the Polish Lambretta Club. They will be hosting EuroLambretta in 2019. Nicely embroidered logos on front and back. I’ll be wearing it in SoDak next year. Probably will get the nice white parts greasy, eh? 😀
  6. ScottWally

    Li 150 Special - Red

    Definitely a keeper - nice find.
  7. ScottWally

    Li 150 Special - Red

    Can’t exactly tell from the limited pics, but the right hand side of the legshield looks a bit wonky, so definitely a chance of a crash and maybe both were replaced.
  8. ScottWally

    Li 150 Special - Red

    Yeah - Li horncast but a good looking ‘Special’ mudguard. Maybe one of the PO’s stripped out the old horncast screws or effed it up and replaced it with this? Usually if an accident both are mangled, eh?
  9. I’ll do the other tire and a set of tubes. What sze tire? I’m assuming 3.5x10, but maybe it’s a Super Starstream, eh? ?
  10. ScottWally

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    Great spin on the Wall Drug signs and stickers, nice one.
  11. ScottWally

    Scootopia v Casa stock S3 exhausts

    This is my favorite inexpensive exhaust Joe: http://jet200.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=735 Been running one for over 5 years on my Special. Only broke the tailpipe clamp - replaced that with a BGM clamp. I plan on replacing the current exhaust on my other mostly stock S3 with the same DL/SX can. Note that you need to order a U bend separate. But of course it’s all what you like with exhausts, and oil, and tires... My $0.02, and barely worth that ?
  12. ScottWally

    Plasti dip spray paint

  13. ScottWally

    Best scooter city?

    They’ll be unhappy I pointed it out, but Boise is (or will be) a great scooter town from a riding standpoint at least. I look forward to attending a Jammy there in the future.
  14. ScottWally

    Plasti dip spray paint

    Not hardy, will peel off. I used it on a sprint rack and it lasted only a few weeks.