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  1. I meant labor and parts- engine runs but just needs some TLC
  2. hope this is a relatively easy question and I know the answers will vary but here goes- how much would an engine rebuild run normally, provided it's just seals, bearings, and gaskets
  3. after a short ride (about 3 miles) I went to check my rear tire pressure and noticed my rear hub was very hot to the touch, same with the crankcase. It drove fine and shifted fine but I am concerned by the heat. Can this be normal or is this an indicator of a serious problem....I'm thinking the latter. please help!
  4. I tried this too. I have power at headset, no blown bulbs.
  5. Hope this is a simple question- recently all of my lights went out including the brake light. What is the likely culprit and how would you determine? it's 12V, non battery, ducati regulator-
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