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  1. It was great meeting you guys and I'm glad you had a good time.
  2. There are some RV camping spots around the area. This is probably the closest resort to everything, which is kind of far. http://www.goodsamcamping.com.s3.amazonaws.com/gsparks/LakePleasant/LakePleasant.html You can always just park on the side of the street like everybody else does around this city. You won't get towed, I promise.
  3. W We are working out the group rate with McMenamins which will be more affordable.
  4. The rally will be centered around McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell (northern Seattle). https://www.mcmenamins.com/anderson-school
  5. Still waiting to lock in the date. I apologize that we don't have a firm date yet, but we will very soon. Upjetter is right, you need to request in advance. Typically if you've had a DUI within five years they won't let you in the country. Yes, you take a nice long ride out to Port Angeles and catch the Black Ball Ferry to Victoria BC.
  6. We have a meeting this weekend to discuss the dates.
  7. The average temperature for Seattle in July is 75-80 degrees. No nuts will be frozen. You'll see for yourself when you visit for next years jamboree.
  8. I mean, come on. Santa Cruz is doesn't compare to Seattle. You want city rides? We've got that. You want mountain rides? Got that too. You want camping? there is an RV park 2 miles away from the hotel. Want eat pie at the Twin Peaks Dinner? Of course you do. Want to visit the final resting place of Jimmy Hendrix, or Bruce and Brandon Lee? Let's do it! The great thing about Seattle is it's proximity to so many great places to ride and interesting things to see. VOTE SEATTLE!
  9. That's okay, there are a couple of targa twins up here too.
  10. I'd like to wish the Santa Cruz contingent good luck as well. Whichever bid is chosen, I'm certain will be a great event.
  11. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lammyjammy2018/
  12. Thee Lambretta Club would like to present our submission for Lambretta Jamboree 2018 in Seattle.Members of our club have participated in planning rallies here in Seattle for decades as members of LGG, VCOS, R-Gang, and several other local clubs. From AmeriV3$p@, to Scooter Insanity or Meant to Offend.
  13. Anthony

    3D printing

    Its called additive manufacturing and is really expensive, especially if you're not doing a large quantity of parts. I've machined a few large aerospace parts that were made out of aluminum using different printing processes. One process uses a laser that adds the metal in passes, like welding. The finish is pretty rough and crappy, to me it looks like a honeycomb. Definitely needs to be machined for a good finish. There is another process where the part looks cast, not sure how that's done but the parts look amazing. The latter is VERY expensive and there are few places that use that process. The only company that I know of that does it is in Germany.
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