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  1. any info on bringing wife and kid to events? do we need to pay for them? or is there a spouse price? Kids under 3 free? any info would be nice/
  2. Also if you’re on Instagram check out @lifetimetattoo he helped Matt rebuild his Lambretta. Pretty cool.
  3. I just got this the other day. flying elephant scooter club in Denver. I have been searching for a while and Jon at Jet200 knows everyone and found me one ?
  4. Well I can say Las Vegas doesn’t have much for active scooter people. I would like like to relocate in a year or two and would love a decent scooter community.
  5. Well I couldn’t help myself and I tried it anyways. It’s already peeling ? why even ask if I’m going to do it anyways.
  6. Crazy. Good to know. Guess I’ll stick with rustoleum ?
  7. Anyone ever use this stuff? I have a rattle canned bike and my rims are different colors, so I was thinking about using this on the rims. Any insight?
  8. I like this idea. Not a ton of perks to joining. I would be willing to offer a discount on tattoos to members. ??‍♂️ You never know when you’ll be drunk in Vegas and want to make regrettable descicions with a discount.
  9. All right so out of curiosity what city does everyone think is the best most active scooter city in the country? I love Denver and all the scooter clubs and people just stupid expensive to live. Cant wait to hear people chime in.
  10. Someone said we could ride and get on a ferry and go to Canada. Is that an option?
  11. So I have a couple questions about being able to ride into Canada. So obviously we need a passport, what about someone who has a criminal record? Dui or anything like that? do they not let you into Canada? A bunch of us want to come early and ride across the border, we just want to make sure we can and not leave anyone behind.
  12. SteveT


    So this might have been a topic somewhere i dont know. Has anyone thought of making an app for the club? I dont tend to get on a computer often and i seem to have a hard time using the site on my phone. Just a thought.
  13. I do have to say the new lammy isnt amazing but compared to the last china mad pile this one is better. I dont see me ever picking one up but not as horrible as i thought it was going to be.
  14. So I have to say that this was my first eurolammyjam, and my first time leaving the states. What an experience!!! Thanks Kieren for the stickers to trade, the shirts and helping us get there and have a blast!! I don't know a ton of you but I met some good people and saw some great scooters, and experience Italy! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who went and i met, and to everyone who has never gone to something like this it is definitely a bucket list experience. Once again thanks and if you haven't made it home yet,safe travels!
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