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  1. Have a very good customer looking to buy one of my lambrettas to use at their summer house In Ashville NC and they want to be sure that they can have the bike serviced there before buying it and taking it there. anyone have any ideas?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/teerapong.aekvisitchaiyagoon/posts/921274331242481 So here's the answer! bidder was thai and from what i have seen at the IMOLA swap meet no one stands a chance to ever get anything with these guys involved with the hobby... They are rabid like Japanese mods and show no sign of letting up. Considering it was a $1500 bike that sold for $2600 and then he had to spend another $1500 crating and shipping the bike to Thailand. if you want a decent project bike these days for reasonable $$ you'll have to buy local or on non worldwide networks such as craigslist or through clubs like ours. Ebay and Facebook are great if your a seller, but never the buyer anymore...
  3. https://www.facebook.com/2ndAvenueScooters/posts/485958448240802
  4. also check out where the airbox decal is on this! not on the elbow...
  5. I think the trims are what pushed the price on this. i know several people emailed the guy and asked him to sell the trims separate. I was one of them! i offered him $1500 as a buy it now for the bike after he refused to separate the trims and he accepted, but he couldn't figure out how to "end the auction" so he let it roll... i bid it up just to get the trims, but a snipe bid on the last fraction of a second beat me out. Im positive whoever got it only wanted those trims and the bike will be for resale soon...
  6. its out tomorrow, only the digital copy is online to read. I emailed andy and asked for a stack of copies today
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141825025832?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT who got it? anyone here? I want to buy the trims off the legshields, I will pay very good money for them!
  8. can you see if the owner had any original paperwork from this? any letterhead or invoice stuff from the dealer? Ill do my best to see if i can dig anything up locally
  9. well the building is still there and it has been a lot of car dealerships and now an auto stereo shop... i never heard of that dealer before so thats kinda cool it has that sticker... ill do more investigating
  10. when and where will the vendor setup be placed? I assume as in jammys past there will be an area for the shops to setup a table or two and put out some wares. has there been a solid discussion about this and or an impromptu swap meet? asking because i would like to bring stuff like I did in vegas and setup. thanks
  11. So many of you may remember a while back (3 years) I started a complete TV1 restoration and had a full build thread here, but it was lost with the new website changeover. Well I'm happy to say the bike is finally finished and I was lucky enough to be invited to take it to the motorcycle gathering at the quail lodge in Monterrey California this past weekend where i showed it along with three other Lambrettas in the concourse de elegance. The amazing news is the Bike took first place in the scooter category! Here are some photos of the scooters, my acceptance speech, and the show! I should thank Tom Pollio for allowing me to restore the bike and for his patience during the lengthy restoration, Jon at Jet200 for rebuilding the motor, and my neighbor and friends for helping me make the 12 hour drive from phoenix to Monterrey and back! https://www.facebook.com/erik.tedhams/videos/10153326031189111/?pnref=story
  12. eric e

    engine numbers

    its a tote full of parts, cyl tin is aftermarket and no fan shroud. gears sold off before it got to me as well... no piston, just cylinder and manifold with head, cases, clutch and layshaft, etc. looks like the guy took it apart and threw out the piston and sold the gearing. I have a framebreather carb as well from the same guy so its probably the one from this motor... not complete, but enough there to do something with. I have an original paint sabbia beige series three LI150 without a motor i want to put back together soon so i was going to look for a stock LI150 motor for it and this came along today by chance...
  13. eric e

    engine numbers

    shit! another series one motor! damn it! I seriously need a series three LI150 motor... oh well i guess its not all a loss, I was told it was series two LI150! I know the guy has a series one also so must be from that bike! thanks for letting me know, and i have that book and didnt look...
  14. eric e

    engine numbers

    it is stamped 150 LI Corey! i just need to know the year... also i read that the 7 prefix was an anomaly as was the 150LI instead of the LI150 stamping on 150 motor cases, the 7 prefix is typical of 125 motors...
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