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  1. Just because sometimes I'm a nitpicky jerk: The "glovebox" mentioned is not a glovebox. It's a toolbox. It was designed, built, and intended to function as a toolbox. Naturally, one can put whatever one wants in their toolbox and then rename it to match it's contents. Jtoks wants his toolbox to be a glovebox, while mine is still a toolbox. It has also occasionally performed the temporary functions of glovebox, first aid kit, and booze-box (among other thing) but, at the end of the day, it's always a toolbox.
  2. Drop us a note once you're settled and ready to ride!
  3. Maybe I won't be working a farmer's market next year.
  4. I did on one of my setups once upon a time. Way too much feathering of the clutch off the line and lots of downshifting on inclines. I burned through more than a few clutch plates in those days.
  5. Toothpaste has a very mild abrasive, so yes: Serious. A plastic polish like Zymol might work, too. I use it on my fogged speedo and headlamp lenses, not to mention my car's headlights.
  6. I'm planning on pulling the hub to check, so I'll have a look at that. Seems unlikely that they're that worn already, though.
  7. I know that Sticky warns us to do it only on a disk brake and that some of us do it on drums, anyway. As did I. And it's been fine and a great upgrade in braking ability. But lately it has started sticking. I'm guessing it's due to the recent hot and humid weather here in Portland, because it wasn't a problem prior. Other than the obvious of re-routing the cable back to the standard pull actuation, does anybody have ideas on how to fix this? Stronger return spring? Different shoes (they were new and have less than 1,000 miles on them)?
  8. Probably the most interesting and attractive display the store has ever had.
  9. http://www.pipedesign.de/auspuffanlagen/lambretta-ts1-rb/bullet-ts1.html
  10. th' Cap'n

    L.A.L.O. 2015

    Eleven years... Time flies.
  11. Excellent work, as usual. Too bad it's against the rules to smile in the photos.
  12. Fancy, indeed! Mike, it sounds like Tom has your room service covered. I'll be here in Portland busting my (coffee) beans selling coffee.
  13. Pete asked me if I'd donate coffee. Naturally, I said yes. http://clutchcoffeeroasters.com
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