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  1. It's no big deal on this topic, I just remember there were some sweet examples. Got someone on another forum looking for interesting ideas on storage. Too bad we never migrated all that content, it was a real treasure trove.
  2. I know there was a thread on this some time back, but I think it was on the old forum. Anyone point me to the bowling bag thread? Also - is the old forum dead? I can't even remember how to get there...
  3. Yeah the duals are actually a nice way to make a split, could have used them last week when hacking in a new green ignition wire on my P200. No problem to have extra on those.
  4. The stuff all arrived today, looks top notch. I mistook some dual connectors for spade terminals, so I will make one more small order. The crimping tool feels quality and the terminals are nice.
  5. Well he seems ok by me, he combined the 2 orders and returned the extra shipping without my asking.
  6. Crap, I will add another small order to grab some of the 3.5mm ones then. I ordered male and female on the 4mm, so they will be useful anyway, but I'm using a Lambretta DC junction block on an AC conversion for my Primavera because it makes a nice way to mate the stuff up.
  7. Ordered up a kit plus extras of the common use ones. Thanks!
  8. That's exactly the one I was trying to remember. Long overdue to get the right tool and a kit of these. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, where are you finding your bullet connectors these days? You know, like what goes into the junction boxes? I'm looking for some (male & female). Thanks.
  10. I know the local Lambrettas reasonably well from all the different rides, never saw this one before so I was curious. I think it's the first Series1 I've ever seen in San Diego.
  11. Just eating my lunch looking out at the ocean and then spotted a maroon Series 1 going north on 101 through Cardiff, yesterday. Was it anyone here? Not a common sight outside of a Rally, so was surprised. Two-up and having fun, looked like.
  12. Nice collection, looks like a good time.
  13. Thanks for the updates, I always look forward to hearing how Heather and the Cento fare each year. It's only a matter of time until you grab 1st place.
  14. There are some good threads on how I made it work on the old site, but sounds like you're already committed to removing them. They can work well even with 12V AC from a stator. No worries.
  15. not sucking at all in the 70s with the Saints - just discovered these guys, they are amazing
  16. P1140228 by john.headley, on Flickr 1977 Serveta, last seen with Wiseco 190 kit, Jet200 gearbox, Genuine Delly SH2-22 Carb, and a Uni Pod, heading for San Luis Obispo.
  17. Should be fun to see if the same scooter appears more than once
  18. Never even heard of Big Star but like the first track you posted up. Then again, that's the point of this thread!
  19. In addition to the above, post the details here, it's a well connected bunch who are addicted to for sale ads about Lambrettas....
  20. jheadley

    API Lambrettas

    Don't mess with it then!! It took me years to learn it - when it is running sweet just ride it
  21. I'm just getting started listening this gem, found it at the library. 4 CD's of punk goodness.
  22. It's too bad it won't be moderated, yet still remains a good go-to for parts/bikes. It is effective, I've sold parts through there. Just wish we didn't have to read all the nonsense / drama / slander / commentary / whatever that people continually throw up there. Responding does only make it worse, then the crap-storm extends over pages making the ads harder to find. I've not posted any replies even when people are clearly out of line, because I like to visit it for actual ads. Crazy, I know.
  23. I'm hoping your thread gets deep into the punk era. I've only skimmed the surface there but there is so much to be discovered. Never heard of Hawkwind until you just mentioned it. I'll play that album through, thanks for the link. First listen says there are connections to Pink Floyd musically I'd say.
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