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  1. It's no big deal on this topic, I just remember there were some sweet examples. Got someone on another forum looking for interesting ideas on storage. Too bad we never migrated all that content, it was a real treasure trove.
  2. I know there was a thread on this some time back, but I think it was on the old forum. Anyone point me to the bowling bag thread? Also - is the old forum dead? I can't even remember how to get there...
  3. Yeah the duals are actually a nice way to make a split, could have used them last week when hacking in a new green ignition wire on my P200. No problem to have extra on those.
  4. The stuff all arrived today, looks top notch. I mistook some dual connectors for spade terminals, so I will make one more small order. The crimping tool feels quality and the terminals are nice.
  5. Well he seems ok by me, he combined the 2 orders and returned the extra shipping without my asking.
  6. Crap, I will add another small order to grab some of the 3.5mm ones then. I ordered male and female on the 4mm, so they will be useful anyway, but I'm using a Lambretta DC junction block on an AC conversion for my Primavera because it makes a nice way to mate the stuff up.
  7. Ordered up a kit plus extras of the common use ones. Thanks!
  8. That's exactly the one I was trying to remember. Long overdue to get the right tool and a kit of these. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, where are you finding your bullet connectors these days? You know, like what goes into the junction boxes? I'm looking for some (male & female). Thanks.
  10. I know the local Lambrettas reasonably well from all the different rides, never saw this one before so I was curious. I think it's the first Series1 I've ever seen in San Diego.
  11. Just eating my lunch looking out at the ocean and then spotted a maroon Series 1 going north on 101 through Cardiff, yesterday. Was it anyone here? Not a common sight outside of a Rally, so was surprised. Two-up and having fun, looked like.
  12. Nice collection, looks like a good time.
  13. Thanks for the updates, I always look forward to hearing how Heather and the Cento fare each year. It's only a matter of time until you grab 1st place.
  14. There are some good threads on how I made it work on the old site, but sounds like you're already committed to removing them. They can work well even with 12V AC from a stator. No worries.
  15. not sucking at all in the 70s with the Saints - just discovered these guys, they are amazing
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