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  1. I love this rally....such fun.
  2. I happen to know so I won't guess but it's freaking awesome I love it and really excited to see in person.
  3. Late to the thread but I've seen Morgan aka Freds project at Jet and yea it looks sick AF....that being said my winter project is more along the lines of his SX...its a 1970 Jersey City police DL150 with ample rust that'll get put back together exactly as it came to me aside from all new hardware. Front end is done as well as centerstand and rear brake pedal.....engine is half torn apart now and will probably be dropped soon.
  4. Been riding this thing all summer. Running good but the stockish 175 setup really can't keep up with the Casa Superlight pipe....which everyone tells me is loud AF but i like it. ? float went bad and I snapped the rear shock as well but it was original and needed repacement anyway. Since getting her on the road realized the fork was bent so straightened that out in the press and rebuilt the whole thing and added BGM dampers.
  5. I like how you have a different awesome bike for what seems like each hour of the day Ming. That blue looks pretty good in person too. Will
  6. I'll let you in on a secret Kieran, even if it snows, it'll be clear skies like this as soon as it stops. I think we could double these numbers next year possibly and kudos to friends and acquaintances alike for coming out and riding. It's about the Lambrettas, not any group or person, and I think this day reflected that.
  7. Great ride today to get as many Lambrettas together as possible. Left from Jet200 (see video below) and rode around north Denver on our way to Mile High Stadium for the obligatory photo op. We left with 15 bikes including 2 Pascos and 2 SX200's along with a TV Series 2, Series 1, and a bunch of Servettas and Li's. We ended up with one breakdown that was not gonna get fixed and I suffer a technical as well when my headset came loose (thankfully right as we were leaving the stadium so wasn't too frightening) but we had the tools to fix it. Ended up with 1 DNF but 16 bikes at the destination as 2 more folks, another SX200 and a Jet200 showed up later. Link tot he video below and a photo dump for you as well. Lambretta Only ride- Leaving Jet200
  8. Bump for the Ride tomorrow! Hope to get some pictures up afterwards.
  9. Hello everyone. I posted my S2 li125 for sale last week and now I guess it's time to reveal why I parted with a project I was putting that much effort into. Basically, I lucked into this TV175, which is more or less my dream scooter (having anxiety thinking about it) and was in a similar state of restoration as the project I just sold off but had been sitting for 12 years. Bike was originally from South Florida but condition isn't reflective of the humid and salty environment aside from a couple parts like the seat frame being pretty rough and some pitting on the top of the frame under the seat. Otherwise it's complete as it needs to be and similar steps have been taken to restore as the Li125 I have now parted with. Cases had been tumbled long ago and included was the original jug and a new oversized piston along with the original crank, carb, etc. As such, I got to work right away and began the steps to bring the engine together mainly to keep things clean and so I could move a bunch of engine components out of boxes and into the cases. Things were going really well at first until I started to hit issues namely the crank turned out to be too far gone to reuse (odometer shows 14k miles or kilos not sure which I haven't really looked) and slid into the new drive side bearing without so much as a tap from a rubber mallet. Having Jet200 to work at on shop days is great and of course there was a replacement TV crank from Casa Lambretta sitting on the shelf which was an unexpected expense but kept the motor moving along. I also ran into some other issues with new BGM cylinder studs which are larger diameter than their stock replacements and caused some binding when trying to install the jug which required some enlarging of the holes to accommodate installation. That all got sorted yesterday so I can keep moving with some other items going forward but overall I'm really excited to bring a bike that's been sitting for 12 years forward to a place where it can be seen and appreciated again by all of us who like these sort of things. Some items are further behind than my previous S2 project and will need to be addressed in the next week including having some stripping, blasting, and plating chrome work done to get all of the parts prepped and ready for reuse. Gas Tank and Seat will be the big items but the fork links, brake pedal and chrome ring and associated bits all need to be cleaned and replaced but I'm in no rush and our local place charges by the pound so I'll be looking for another scooterist here in town who needs to do the same so we can save a bit of cash on that part of the process and take our items in together. Anyhow, this is the scooter I've always lusted after and never expected to personally own. While it's not strikingly different than the S2 i recently sold at least in terms of final execution of the finished product and overall features of the bike, it's really cool to have the stamps on the cases and frame that say "TV175/2". More to come as I move forward. Cheers.
  10. Nice Score. I love the Iseo Blue color these came in....my S3 is the same but not a riverside....cool bike! Good score!
  11. Sunday April 9th 11am Jet200 performance Denver Colorado Bring your lambrettas....see you there.
  12. Here's the Casa junction box that came with my casatronic kit I installed on my Li yesterday. I didn't want to remove the rubber but there is a junction to run a battery as well. Not sure if they are the same for TV's but maybe this will help you decide.
  13. Got the bike running again. Still needs tuning but there's gas in the tank.
  14. Everything is now plated. Zinc, Hard Chrome, and Nickel plate for the tank.
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