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  1. thank you matt and I will see you in a couple days.
  2. honey, stand next to that pile of trash so I can take your photo.
  3. ive been paid 200 a day for photo shoots. ive heard of others getting more.
  4. dean middleton and Chrissy hyder are in ATL. Stan obal and Joe casola in north of you in Chattanooga. there a few cool people in that area.
  5. yep, I like to keep a 2 and 5 gallon tank around to premix in to them. if im out an about a need to hit a gas station, ill use a premix and small bottle of oil. 3% amesoil dominator
  6. buy a versahauler. best out there.
  7. there's a few in the Houston area. phil and anita jefferys, keith taylor, Stephen stringer. lots in Austin and dallas as well.
  8. "you pussies aint got a chance"
  9. Jon at Casa Lambretta in Denver can fix you right up. there is also david dean in davenport.
  10. scooterhauler


    except facebook vintage scooter community classifieds
  11. there are more members in the state of texas. I believe we have 12 members in dallas.
  12. nice meet up yesterday(sat 6th). all the Dallas LCUSA members except a couple.
  13. really nice guy. I was real fond of his scooters, especially that cutdown.
  14. I will knock a returd out if I find them on my scooters. unless I know them and we are friends.
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