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  1. honey, stand next to that pile of trash so I can take your photo.
  2. i have 8 spaces in my enclosed trailer. your space will also fit helmet and riding gear. im offering spaces at $750 each for a round trip to and from your door step, that's a $50 deposit(non refundable) and $700 on pick up. keep in mind scooter may be in possession for up to 2 months, but I do have a massive storage building on my property to keep your scooter safe. if you're interested let me know. thank you.
  3. ive been paid 200 a day for photo shoots. ive heard of others getting more.
  4. dean middleton and Chrissy hyder are in ATL. Stan obal and Joe casola in north of you in Chattanooga. there a few cool people in that area.
  5. yep, I like to keep a 2 and 5 gallon tank around to premix in to them. if im out an about a need to hit a gas station, ill use a premix and small bottle of oil. 3% amesoil dominator
  6. bump, let me know if you want to get a scooter to South Dakota. I have a 20' enclosed trailer and plenty of room.
  7. buy a versahauler. best out there.
  8. there's a few in the Houston area. phil and anita jefferys, keith taylor, Stephen stringer. lots in Austin and dallas as well.
  9. "you pussies aint got a chance"
  10. If you look closely on the trailer you will see a silhouette of a scooter. This photo was taken 30 minutes after I pick it up in West Texas.
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