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  1. "you pussies aint got a chance"
  2. If you look closely on the trailer you will see a silhouette of a scooter. This photo was taken 30 minutes after I pick it up in West Texas.
  3. so just like last year im transporting lambrettas to jamboree. if your interested let me know, now is the time to start planning. message me about rates, thank you james
  4. Jon at Casa Lambretta in Denver can fix you right up. there is also david dean in davenport.
  5. me with other scooters in tow. cant wait!!
  6. nice. better get registered so I can win another
  7. I will arrive either late weds or early thurs morning.
  8. so I will be doing a follow up trip to pick up lambrettas. if you ride there and are flying back, I'm offering $400 transport of scooter/riding gear back to your front door. the follow up trip will probably be early august. let me know and I can help arrange storage to.
  9. yeah, details. I have a full truck and trailer coming up.
  10. I specialize in transporting lambrettas. I move a few 100 a year. let me know.
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