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  1. Thanks again everyone for the ideas. Yeah, I just bushed it lightly with a soft paintbrush and vacuumed the loose dirt. Still not sure how to tackle the engine. Almost seems a crime to turn it into a daily driver...
  2. Yes, it contained the registration papers, which are all curled up like a taco. In the storage box were the original tools and an old spark plug wrapped in some paper printed in Italian.
  3. There we go... I switched to Photobucket. Looks like it was bought new from a dealer in Santa Monica and registered by the owner though '75.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. I started cleaning the scooter a little. Mostly with a vacuum. Found a snake skin in the engine compartment. Was surprised to see what the odometer read upon dusting it. So I opened a flickr account... the uploading directions seem simple enough but I'm not having much luck linking the images. I keep getting this message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. Any advice? PJ
  5. Hi all, I'm brand new to this forum. This is going to really sound cliche... I recently found a 1964 Lambretta 150 Special, literally in a barn, near where I live in Pasadena, CA. Apparently it hasn't been ridden since last registered by its original owner in 1975. This could be true judging by the caked-on layer of sandy dust (over 1 in. thick on the floorboards) that had been blowing into the barn over the decades. Other than one bent legshield it looks pretty straight but hard to tell what's under the dust. I just trucked it home but am not sure in what direction to take the restoration. I've always wanted an old V3$p@ or something similar and I'd love to use this as a regular ride to replace my Yamaha Zuma that has over 21k miles on it... Would anyone care to see pictures (not sure how to upload)? Nice to meet you, PJ
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