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  1. Welcome to the club. Keep us posted on your scoot and any rides in New Jersey.. Pete
  2. Thank you for all your hard work.
  3. Corey were the Spanish panels wider at the top to accommodate the series 2 gas tanks in the series 3 Frames?
  4. Very tastefully done. Welcome aboard!!!
  5. Nice !!! Thanks for sharing the pictures . Looks like it was quite the experience . Whats not to love about a two door wagon . Even if its a pinto
  6. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped put on this epic rally. It was well organized and the weather was outstanding!!! The roads were smooth and twisty with great scenic landscapes. The Rocket Motel was a retro blast! It was well worth the long haul from New York. It was great seeing old faces and meeting new ones. I am very thankful for winning the raffle scoot. I still can't believe I won it. People were joking with me all day about winning it and it happened:) I hope to see everyone I saw this year in St. Augustine next year . I think its going to have a great turnout! Thanks again Pete
  7. I would say that depends on what the production budget is. Movies, Television, Commercials , High end magazine ads they pay on the higher end. He's a neighbor its a couple of hours. Guess you can't ask for too much. See what he's willing to pay. He might surprise you on what he offers you. Scoot photos well Mike.
  8. Nice!!! Love those Jet 200's Looks great, What are your plans?
  9. Pre Mods And Rockers Rally !!
  10. I just read an article in one of the scooter magazines recently about a guy using a speedo cable housing for a rear brake cable housing. I believe he's got some miles on it as well. You would have enough length to suit your needs. If you have one laying around take a look.
  11. Its so hard to keep a straight face and look cool while wearing these ridiculous shoes!
  12. Thats cool. Guess some of the coffin lines get lost when it gets really broken in.
  13. Well something looks off with the seat as well but I would be happy if I won it as it stands. Very clean.
  14. Thats so clean. Wonder what dealers took orders of those. What state did it come from?
  15. Just cleaning it up I hope :) Looks really nice, I'm sure many tickets will be sold.
  16. Welcome to the club . Looking forward to seeing your progress. Like the Falcon you have there:)
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