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  1. Love the look. Great patina!!! Well done.
  2. How about the scoot.Lambretta LI No badges and dampners ? Yes if you blow up the sign you can read west Berlin. Funny about the license plate on the go cart.
  3. Wow love the way the forks look. That disc brake is sick!! Thank you for posting pictures.
  4. Nice Chris . Forget about me asking you to post pictures . I see them now. Thanks Pete
  5. Chrome don't get you home!! Cant wait to see the build Benji. Pete
  6. Cool congrats ...Will there be a web site or just the face book page? Thanks Pete
  7. Congrats on the article Eric!!!!! I don't get scootering anymore as well. Can you post the article up on the forum? Thanks Pete
  8. I saw that scoot ...very nice shape. Good deal as well . Good luck Dave
  9. Heard it was a great show.
  10. Nice find !!!! That silver special looks like it was in a bit of a fender bender? Pete
  11. Great news Heather Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow nice find. Is that a covolo seat on there?
  13. Hey got mine. Thanks to all who put the effort into making this magazine happen. Always enjoy reading the articles. Nice Pictures of the Warrior scooter. Right in my neck of the woods. Loved the story on the Shriner scoots as well. That was a fantastic find.
  14. Good luck Heather!!!!! Looks like your more than ready.
  15. You and the scoot live on ...Looks good from what I can see.
  16. Wow nice scoot. I'll take the before or after ... You did a real nice restoration on that. Who painted it? Makes me want to repaint mine blue. Good luck with that .
  17. You can put it in your oven. I didn't cure mine. Just VHT Prime VHT color VHT satin Clear. Put a couple of coats of the color and clear.
  18. VHT makes an orange high heat temp paint. They make a clear coat as well. I painted a bgm pipe VHT sliver then clear coated it with VHT high temp clear gloss. Its holding up so well I bought the orange to try it out on another pipe. Just an option if you want to go that route. Pete
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