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  1. Throw on a bigger carb (Dellorto 24 or 25) and pipe (clubman). Easy and great results.
  2. Maybe he's wrong about the kit? Maybe it's an Imola kit?
  3. Thanks for all your help with the club and looking out for our fine machines.
  4. Looks great .. Love the pegasus seat on a series 1 and 2 . Enjoy that ride.
  5. Just tried this from my phone. Hi Scott ?
  6. Very cool Bill. Well done. Pete
  7. Was excited when I received mine in the mail . They did an excellent job. Glad you posted it up Scott. I meant to do the same but never got around to it. Thank you for ten years as well!!!! Pete
  8. Geez Adam I'm glad your ok. I had a tire blow out years ago at 35 MPH cant imagine how bad it could have been if I was going faster. Keep us posted on what you find out regarding tolerances and if we need to take any measurements from our scoots for you to compare them to. Pete
  9. Cool patina on that scoot.. Seemed to run fine in Duluth. Great price as well . Good luck with that . Pete
  10. 70 Lambrettas "Holy Buckets" Those awards were great!!!
  11. Just wanted to thank all the folks In Minnesota who put on a great Lammy Jammy. I know it takes a great deal of time and effort to organize these events. It was great seeing everyone in the club . We drove 2600 miles round trip and drove home straight without stopping . It was well worth the drive we made out there to attend this event. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Thank You Pete
  12. Hey that looks great!!! What a plate number as well. Good luck with that
  13. Wow good job Heather. So pleased to see a Lambretta win this year. Way to go !!!!!!
  14. Bill I have never used fix-a-flat for a tube. I would just carry a spare tube and a small bicycle pump. I don't think you will need a variety of threaded rods to ply the tire apart. Some leg shield tire carriers are set in deeper and higher in the leg shields. Look at the type that hang off the top of the leg shield and bolt inside to the horn or mud guard screws. I believe some shops carry these. Just a thought.
  15. Great Raffle prizes to take home or a spot to hold a gas can for those long stretches of roads with no gas stations
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