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  1. Close call there . Guess you need to get rid of the safety rope and craft a safety pole with a hook to release the door in an emergency. Glad nothing was stolen.
  2. Versahauls are good don't get a cheap copy . If you do buy a used Versahaul make sure you get the anti vibration brackets that come with it..lashed down front and back. If you don't have a rear rack take the panels off and lash through the frame. Panels are better left off on those just to be safe.Then again I'm paranoid living in the land of potholes. I'm not a big fan I like my pickup.
  3. Very Nice. Love that color. Good luck with the panels.
  4. Thanks Star. Nice Shot
  5. BrooklynPete

    Thank You

    Just wanted to thank everyone who made the 2017 Lammy Jammy a great event. It was great catching up with everyone and as always and nice meeting members I haven't met. I would like to thank all who contributed in building the raffle scoot . I still cant believe I won!!! We have great club and I'm very proud to be a member. Looking forward to Seattle 2018 .
  6. Nice ride Rogger . What are you running? Welcome to the club Pete
  7. Love the patina Is that a gore seat ? Looks great on a series 1-2
  8. Looks Good! What color code is that blue Ming?
  9. Kieran hit me up , your mailbox is not accepting mail. Pete
  10. Saw that...Really cheap. Anyone here pick it up?
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