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  1. Hey Tony 

    I have a slope back piston ported slope back seat ..

    Its new  never mounted . I would let it go for 60.00 plus shipping if you like it.

    Its 100 bucks new 


    Thanks Pete


    1. 2Tony


      thanks Pete. I'm looking for the long one though, where Risa can fit on the back (shes excited, because I installed footpegs on floorboard supports). sounds like a good deal..thanks again!

  2. Always a pleasure to see you and it was nice meeting Risa Love the patch .
  3. Mike cant you restore the license plate? Does CA DMV hassle you? We just have to send a photo to NY DMV of the vintage plate we plan on using. Its all done by mail , we cant go to a local DMV .
  4. Love my stock top end TV 175 Modern Dellorto Carb, BGM 12 volt and an AF clubman. I have some kitted scoots but this TV 175 being pretty much stock, moves right along quite nicely.
  5. Love that Servetta motorcycle and those Spanish series two's Thanks For posting
  6. Awesome. I'll be there with a scooter. Its been on the bucket list!!!
  7. Looks Great!! Your painter blended the paint very well. Love the mud flap..I was curious how those looked on a Lambretta .
  8. Yes all booked.... Scotty make room on that seat of yours
  9. Well done Zachary And all the Scooter Array who helped out. You are true ambassador!!! Sorry I missed that:(
  10. Looks Straight . Shame what he did to the paint. Not a bad price.
  11. Real Nice Tv 175 .. Keep the pictures coming. Good luck on your progress.
  12. Met him in Pasadena . Nice guy. I remember the cut down, nice build. He was a young guy. So sad.My heart goes out to his family and friends.
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