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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos..Nice job on the resto Pete
  2. Do you need a plate for the pav in OR to be legal? In New York all trailer plates are the size of car plates? Does any state make smaller trailer plates for motorcycles hauling a trailer? Just curious . Pete
  3. I like the original blue better as well. Nice job on that one Rudy Pete
  4. Hello . Please add me to the members section #381 BrooklynPete Thanks Again. Pete
  5. Wow looks great . Classic Love the chrome!! Pete
  6. How do you get the Member title and Lambretta club logo under your name? Is it a setting? I'm up to date on my dues? Also what D-lo said . Whats up with the 50cc above the Avatar? Thanks Pete
  7. Hey this site looks good.. Thanks to all !!!! Pete
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