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  1. Has anyone ever used a drill to drill out the pins for the stand feet? Mine are VERY well stuck and have broken off.
  2. rdub

    Monza 70°

    I would love to arrange some sort of club representation. Also, it'd be lovely to link up with fellow members at the event! ?
  3. rdub

    Monza 70°

    Hey all, Juat wondering if anyone else is planning on attending the 70th anniversary in Monza?
  4. I just wanted to say Thank you very much to all of you who've replied to my request . You guys are the best!
  5. Hey all, I'm feeling very frustrated . I have been calling automotive paint suppliers up and down the west coast. NONE of them have a farkin clue what the PPG codes are ice given them they've looked in "Fleet I" but the formula for "Biancospino" 8082 becomes a yellow orange colour. I rang PPG themselves and they gave me no joy. I'm not feeling like chasing up any more wild geese. Has Anyone got an RAL code for Biancospino (Italian GP White) or a close match colour that these paint shop morons can use? Thanks in anticipation, R
  6. You will need to go to at least 800.. 600is much better
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