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  1. That was freaking magic, man. Came right off. Thanks again.
  2. So I'm continuing my Li3 engine tear down in anticipation of getting the case studs removed. Now I'm stuck on the brake shoes. They're rust welded to the pivot pins. I did a couple of heat cycles with a heat gun and then applied some penetrating oil overnight. Came back in the morning and tried to give them a jiggle, but shoes just snapped off. So I'm left with about a 1/4 of the shoe attached to the pivot pins. One 1/4 shoe is stuck solid. The other rotates about 20 degrees, but it looks like the pivot pin is unscrewing, not the shoe rotating on the pin. Any suggestions on how to remove them? I'm afraid to lever anything underneath them in case I damage the cases. I'm pretty good with a dremel cutting disc, but also don't want to damage the pin.
  3. Have you looked in the basement of the Alamo?!? Sorry, couldn't resist...
  4. Awesome, thanks. Good news. Any recommendations on stud removal?
  5. It looks like there were two holes straight through the case. The PO welded them back up and partially ground them down. To my novice eye, it looks like a solid weld. There are no cracks or holes. The weld on the inside of the case isn't flush with the original surface though. I'm not sure if the crank mates with that area. Does it?
  6. How should I go about it? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm trying to rebuild an Li3 125 from a box of dust and just noticed that I have a case stud snapped off in the flyside case. I also have damage and a repair on the kickstart side where the crank meets the case... maybe related, maybe not. It looks like something blew right through the case. What do you guys think? Worth trying to get that stud out? Any ideas how? Maybe an easy-out?
  8. My most immediate need is for a 2-hole clutch compressor and a flywheel holder for a Series 3 Li. Maybe a con rod holder too. I'm also considering one of the crank installation pullers, but I'm not sure if I'll need one yet. I've rebuilt a bunch of two stroke engines, but this is my first lambretta. Have my work cut out for me too... the engine is more or less in a box.
  9. I'm looking for some specialty tools for a rebuild, but it looks like the US suppliers are sold out (Jet200 + Scooter O.). Any recommendations on where to pick some up? I'm looking at a few on eBay, but they're all out of India. My top priorities are a flywheel holder and clutch compressor for a Li3. Thanks in advance.
  10. That Riverside isn't mine. Just found the picture on the net. It looked original so that is what I'm shooting for with mine. Mine is in about 10 boxes covered in surface rust and bleached by the sun.
  11. I will give that a try. My paint is very very very damaged so I do not have much hope. :/ Thanks again boys.
  12. Here is an image of the original color I scored from the interwebs. I think it is original but maybe not.
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