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  1. My next challenge is to get my daughter out on the Special I built for her. I did get my wife out on it when we rode a couple of our Lambrettas to the grocery store.
  2. Seriously. I sorted an issue on one of mine this weekend and had a nice ride. It was great to be out.
  3. Hi there! I would love to see some photos of the seat plate.
  4. Yes. I have been running that for years and put one on my son's bike too. It is a nice set up. I wish I hadn't fekked it up. My other son runs Li150 gearing with GP sprockets on a similar build and likes it a lot.
  5. I opened up the chaincase on my Series 2 today to see if there was anything other than worn corks that needed attention. I found that my gear cluster roller bearing had failed and the rollers were long gone and the end of the gear cluster is badly worn and needs to be replaced. (Side note: I'm amazed at how well this gearbox worked without that bearing. I'm pretty sure it failed months or even years ago.) The motor is an Indian GP200 case with a GP primary, Li125 gearbox, GBM RT225, 60/110 crank, one of the new and improved big box clubman exhausts and a Delly 28mm carburetor. I have a complete Indian GP200 box, a Spanish LI150 cluster, and a handful of loose gears in my stash. I hated the GP200 gearbox when I had it on this motor so don't want to go back to it. How interchangeable are the pieces of Lambretta gearboxes? How much mixing and matching can one do, if any? Or should I just plunk down the cash and get the new Li150 gearbox and call it a day?
  6. As my dad always used to tell, it's always something simple. Only this time it was buried very deep. I had smashed the red wire between the stator plate and the mag housing. It ran for about 20 minutes before the wire gave out. As I was tracing the fault I ran across 2 good Lambretta electronic ignition articles: https://scooterlab.uk/stator-rebuilds-lambretta-V3$p@-workshop/ This one has the resistance specs for the pick up and LT circuits and was the one that led me to my fault. Red (pick-up) to White (earth) usually around 100-120 Ohms Green (low tension) to White (earth) usually around 400-500 Ohms The other one is about checking the alignment of your pick up alignment. https://www.scootering.com/scootering-classics-sparking-an-interest-in-ignitions/ The Silver Special is back on the road!
  7. I just finished the rustoration of a Silver Special for my 19 year-old daughter. The engine got new seals, bearings, clutch corks, etc. plus a 175 top end, new BGM stator, Mikuni 24 plus an old Big Box I had. It started right up and runs quite nicely. Until it quit on a shake down ride. There's no spark. I traced back from the plug to the CDI. Pulled the green wires from the CDI. Tried 2 other CDIs (just to make sure). Still no spark. It does deliver power to the loom. Other than checking for worn/pinched/broken wires at the stator (and general continuity) and the height of the sensor, what do you suggest?
  8. That's awesome! Since we're super lazy and had an Italian li150 case in the shed, my son decided to go with a new build and an mb bgm 195 with a 110/60 crank. We'll hold onto this Indian case for sure though. This motor was dead reliable and bulletproof right down to the mighty Jetex carb.
  9. This is my solution: https://hearos.com/collections/all-consumer/products/xtreme-protection-series
  10. I have not found one. I did find out that Jimmy's scooter in Quadrophenia had a Gaman seat though. Here's some more pics
  11. This is the most comfortable scooter seat I've ever sat on.
  12. My saddles were getting tatty so I put on this Gaman that has been taking up space in the shed. I need to find (or make?) the right seat plate for this catch. Anyone have one to sell or can you post some pictures or it?
  13. Yeah, this one is for the bin for sure.
  14. F*ck f*ck f*ck My son's bike had started dropping out of gear and the kickstart was skipping. We opened it up to see what was up and the end plate was loose. This engine is in a 125 Special that Mike Frankovich imported with an Indian GP motor that Vince built way back when. Jetex 22. Standard old Indian craptastic big bore exhaust. Reliable and bulletproof as hell right up until last weekend. Except for a clutch rebuild a couple years ago we never had to touch this one. It just went and went. I have a Series 3 150 motor in the shed. We're thinking MB BGM 195, one of the fancy new big bore exhausts, and a modern Dellorto 24. That's pretty much what my other son runs except he has a GP primary and a 125 gearbox and case. Nice fast daily driver. Is there anything other than the bin that you would do with this case?
  15. I rode my S3 TV175 today for the first time in a while. My daily driver is an gt225 powered S2 Li. My TV175 is mostly original except for a modern Delorto carb and a 12v electronic ignition. It still has a battery, though. I love driving it. It's quiet, clicks like a sewing machine, and the gearbox shifts like butter. Anyone else ride a (mostly) original Lambretta?
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