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  1. Stu glad I could help out, let us know how the badges turn out when you get them made. For anyone else looking to get custom one off badges made, Max of "Frenchtune" is your guy., email him at mxdcstl@gmail.com He makes any of the plastic badges to your design or he can design them for you, he was also kind enough to design some metal badges for me and sent me the cad files so I could get them made here in the USA.
  2. Yep going to put them on my TV, love the passenger ejector seat function and some pimping hydraulic slammed shocks.
  3. Got a tetanus shot and went to work....
  4. I never had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person but had interactions with him on various forums over the years and admired many of his scooter creations, he was a very talented and decent person. My condolences to his family and friends, may he rest in peace.
  5. Call me crazy, I now have the pleasure of trying to resurrect the poor thing, thanks Kieran! lol
  6. I've used Green Tree Scooters in the past with good results and currently have a set with Nexgen Precision Finishes and waiting to see their handy work. Make sure to thoroughly strip and degrease the cases otherwise you could get charged extra if they have to do that and pack them well if you have to ship them. I use a Stanley rugged plastic tool box as a shipping container.
  7. I've been using the same one on an almost daily basis for 10 years now with no issues. Get in the habit of always using the safety bar and lowering the lift to take the pressure off the jack.
  8. Good ideas Mr Lopez, thanks. It's getting an ET4 motor so will brace to suit. Thanks for the FB link matty, very handy!
  9. Thought I'd have a crack at installing an auto motor in a Cento today as I have a frame with a motor that has seen better days and access to several auto V3$p@ engines. The only other conversion I could find was that purple one but it's not an ET2 motor, looks more like a GY6 as the case length is much shorter with a fabbed et2 exhaust to fit. Fitting either a V3$p@ ET2 or ET4 motor requires a lot more clearance so grinding of the frame and a bloody big shoe horn is needed to make it fit but it does, just! Lots more work ahead, only mocked up bracket for now but figured I'd post as I just saw this thread.
  10. So sorry to hear this about Rodger and wish him a speedy recovery. Also heard in the news that another scooter rider was hit and killed this morning in Hillsborough county, FL Be safe out there!
  11. What a cock move from the seller. Obviously he now thinks he's sitting on a gold mine now by correctly listing it in his title instead of "antique scooter" and now has set a high reserve. Should've honored the sale or ended the auction early.
  12. I've had great results using a fine liquid rubbing compound with a micro fiber towel, helped with a finger nail for the stubborn chunks of rust. Steel wool will get the chunks off but scratch the chrome and chrome polish is only good if your chrome is in good condition to start with. Never tried the foil or coke method. As long as there is no major pitting or flaking then most pieces can be salvaged.
  13. I'd hazard a guess that it's probably someone in the UK that bought it for that kind of money, a tad over 6k pounds.
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