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  1. i would be a bit concerned on dirt and oil getting into the rear drum.
  2. Pull the plug out and Hold the ceramic part of your spark plug and kick it over. You might have a weak/missing spark and it’s easier to tell if you feel it.
  3. I’ll hook you up with a working bgm stator and flywheel I just pulled off. DM me.
  4. Time to swap stuff. Change the float just to be sure. And you should really consider an upgrade to electronic ignition while you are at it, if reliability is what you are after.
  5. Its probably your float. Let it dry out, turn the fuel tap on and inspect without kicking it over.
  6. Cap the grey from the switch, it’s for an accessory light. Brown on the loom is power in to the headset. pink is power out of the headset to the rear brake switch/light and black is power out of the headset to the rear light.
  7. The rt is much nicer than the casa. Enough to reconsider your desire to keep the stock carb. Either one of those kits could really benefit from a modern, larger carb.
  8. Welcome and hi! Plan on replacing your crankshaft as that is a weak point on your serveta!
  9. No point in the octopus unless you run the shaft with it, and as Corey pointed out it’s probably overkill anyways. Tempermental is not a good description of these things. It’s acting the way it is due to some faults. Pictures help with the diagnosis.
  10. No. Your plug is black because your jetting is off, or your timing is off
  11. yeah i would rock the 125 gearing with GP sprockets. should give you 4.8 final drive
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