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  1. DerekM

    Jet200 rebuild

    Is your kickstart pin hitting the case?
  2. DerekM

    RT 195 vs SS 200

    I have both. It’s not clear what the OP is looking for, the Ss200 is like a full race kit and the RT is much more torquey in the lower revs like Stu said. The ss200 is fun AF, and not really comparable to an rt kit.
  3. DerekM

    Hydra Rear Brake

    any updates since that teaser was released in January?
  4. DerekM


    use a timing gun, you shouldnt need the stop unless you are resetting TDC.
  5. DerekM

    Thinking about selling my Series 1 Li 150

    I’m willing to buy for $2100 sight unseen.
  6. DerekM

    Diagnosis Pls.

    i would check your stator with a meter.
  7. DerekM

    ummmm... who does this?

    Looks great, but did you keep the switches?
  8. DerekM

    Facebook LCUSA Extension

    i just went back on facebook after 4 years. still fucking sucks. deactivated it again. i don't care if i miss out on scooter deals. i can make fun of david carmona on the IG and i guess that's going to have to be good enough.
  9. DerekM

    New member in SF Bay Area

    Hey Graham! What’s the plan for getting it back on the road? Full engine rebuild or run it until a seal blows?
  10. DerekM

    tuned jet200 gearing recommendations

    keep the sprockets 15/46 or go 5 speed!
  11. I spent about 10 mins before I swooped on mine. No sx panels for me, too fancy pants. ?
  12. Gotcha Mike, misunderstood your post earlier. I usually take a similar approach and ‘guide’ the clerk, it has helped to extend the temporary operating permit they issue.
  13. Jesus. Petaluma dmv is not bad typically 45 mins or less. Or CHP is now scheduling vin verification on a regular basis so even that is getting easier. The drive to SLO would suck just for a dmv but i guess anything beats LA dmv’s.
  14. Just installed a set of scootopia bearings and races with this problem. The lower bearing race/bearing fit is off causing a larger space at the bottom of the fork. Fortunately I swapped some of the parts with OG parts and was able to complete the install. This is the first issue I’ve had with scootopia parts, and still very pleased with all of their gear.