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  1. yeah i would rock the 125 gearing with GP sprockets. should give you 4.8 final drive
  2. Shouldn’t change a thing. You could try a leaner needle, or a leaner slide
  3. I would go in steps so aq264. Start there then recheck your main.
  4. You are running a weak main jet, richest atomizer, and second richest needle. I would down size the atomizer and recheck your main.
  5. You are too rich. Post your jet sizes including idle, atomizer, needle, clip position, main, and air filter status.
  6. Atomizer first. What’s in there currently?
  7. I’d look into making a cable to cable connector out of the little end caps and then cutting 2 brake outers to fit my needs.
  8. I have a twin jet! Keep it original and enjoy it!
  9. If that’s the Tony Hillhouse engine, in the black paneled riverside, it’s an sil.
  10. Squiggly “s” shape means SIL. 200cc top end?
  11. Just to close the loop on this, vittorio’s s1 book also notes that S1s has 800 series frame numbers.... “the leap from around 650,000 to 800,000 remains, however, a mystery’
  12. Awesome. Thanks for checking!
  13. So I picked up a S1 with an odd frame number li150 802***. All the normal listings of s1 and s2 frame numbers show that s2s started production in mid to late 1959 with 800,000 as the starting point. Which would point someone to think this is a s2 frame done up as an s1, but the horncast and horn mounts look stock. I know, S1s were produced until October 1959, so the factory must have been making S1s and s2 frames at the same time. I’ve heard there is fuzzyness with numbers during these periods, but has anyone else seen this, or can help corroborate this? The igm numbers didn’t start until mid 1960 so, the frame does not have any igm numbers on it. Thanks!
  14. Take the wheel off and see if you have the correct link on the left side. You might have two links that should be on the right.
  15. Ive never seen a blue exhaust. Any more photos, showing the front and rear?
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