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  1. I can get one...it's been "Americanized"...I have a proper tail light that hasn't been cut.
  2. I just purchased my first 1960 Lambretta Series 2 Li 150...I also own a Serveta, but this is my first truly all Italian motorscooter!
  3. Hello, Unfortunately, it won't allow me to copy and paste the facebook address here for our club. Our page should readily come up when on facebook, a search for the name, which is; "V3$p@ & Lambretta Club of Lynchburg" (yes, not too terribly exciting) but I wanted to be very obvious and easy to find if the right folks were looking for us... Thank you so much, any help would greatly be appreciated! sincerely, Patrick Hubble
  4. Thanks, I discovered the link for the Single year membership in the store. I paid and signed up!
  5. Greetings to all, An informal group of Lambretta scooterists (yes, along with some V3$p@ owners) are getting together for monthly rides, food and other shenanigans in the central Virginia area, specifically Lynchburg primarily. Join us, or if you know of anyone in the heart of Virginia send them our way! Cheers, Patrick Hubble p.s. (we have a facebook page too)
  6. Greetings All, A small group of scooterists (both V3$p@ and Lambretta) are forming here in our small city of Lynchburg, Virginia and just over a month ago we didn't know of each other, now were creating an informal club! We would like to formally join the LCUSA, where are dues sent too? Anyone in central Virginia please come join us! Cheers, Patrick Hubble (434) 665-2204 cell
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