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  1. Very cool, nice to see one of my old scoots has some friends about.
  2. These boots were made for scootin'...
  3. Any of you east coasters have room and time to swing by Glen Ellyn, IL (burb west of Chicago) to pick up a bike and deliver to the west side of Detroit on the way back from the Jammy? Haz cheez for your time and gas. Shoot me a PM and we can talk. Thanks!
  4. Well crap, Unavoidable work conflict and I had to cancel my reservation. I was the first on the wait list so if you are number 2 give them a call to reserve it. Have a blast, wish I could be there, looking forward to Pennsylvania next year!
  5. Love the horns and legshield bag. Nice score!
  6. Speaking of crack pipe price, LD MKIII for $12,000 there too.
  7. That looks nice! Still drool over that Vijay.
  8. Good looking start and another great use for Bag Balm I wouldn't have thought of.
  9. I used to see Randolph once in a while at the Portland, IN swap meet. Last time I saw him there he had a really nice blue GP200. Josh, I was at the first meet as well! https://www.flickr.com/photos/reddisteddigo/24501445070/in/dateposted-public/ Aah, Photo posting issues again...
  10. Maybe you could charter some space on one of these 1,000 footers. Might take more like 3 days from Cleveland though. Would be different!
  11. Hey Jimmy, Is Bobby Sue at the first hotel? I was told I'm first on the cancel list, want to snag that room if so. Thanks!
  12. Thank you sir, Would not have thought of pulling out the throttle workings. Appreciate it.
  13. So I've got like 5 different Lambretta manuals and I can't find anything that shows what is going on under the cover. Anything to be aware of before I remove the screws and have a look? Trying to diagnose why the horn isn't working and maybe replace the horn button that is broke. Thanks!
  14. "I can't see any up or down movement in the toggle, must be very slight" I should clarify when moving between left and right, I can't see any difference in the up and down position of the toggle. Thanks all!
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