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  1. Thanks Andrea. I was thinking along the same lines. I'm glad to know that on Saturday there will be room to stick them in a corner.
  2. I'm really late to the childcare conversation. That being said we're bringing our four kids. I'm debating on the need for a Saturday night sitter. Last year they behaved really well at the Saturday night party. I was thinking of feeding the kids before the Saturday night party & then putting them at a table off to the side. My thought was to keep them entertained with board games, books, or as a last ditch effort the DS.
  3. Corey, Email Sky in Boise. He has Jay's old Jet that started with 559XXX. Sorry, I can't be more specific than that from my old records.
  4. Now that's just funny! Boise could be fun, but not with me in charge - remember I'm the accountant. I'd love for San Diego to put in a bid. Riding to Coronado Island would be so fun, I might even make Jay watch the kids so I could do that ride.
  5. This alone makes the Lammy Jammy trip worth it.
  6. Jay, myself, and our four minions will be there.
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