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    Problem posting

    Hi to everybody and admin. I would post some news on my build therad in "Show us your Lambretta" but i can't. I don't find ant reply botton to use. I do any mistake? My topic is: http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/forums/topic/2575-gp-125-71-ts1-engine/ Best regards.
  2. This weekend i partially completed the cosmetic Empire and my Ts1 are now connected I found 3 logo’s empire I try to position them with the oem gp sticker Just removed some little bit of the gp flag, I fixed the small logo. I decided for the back area of sidepanel. I removed and shaped the gp stripes to insert the big logo. I like the final look. I think Vader will be satisfy by the job…
  3. The smoked project it's going ahed. I buy the flyeyeskit. I still used this headlight film on my car. Final result after shading and moulding with hair dryer The light beam is not reduced by the film The removing of this film is easy like the fitting. No residue or glue if removed.
  4. This last week i proceeded to assembly gearbox. New second gear is ok and work well. I also changed the GP clutch bell with LI to work with new crankcase cover. Finally i close the case....i think to change the nuts with pike nuts. Thats'all for this week.
  5. Thanks Spider, but i can't see the attachment because i don't have the permission
  6. My painters give me back the blacked tailight. Another friend self made a led rear plate with calculated resistor for 5/21w. Fitting test is good…i love the result. Yesterday I started to fit electronic ignition component
  7. Gpts1 your work is awesome. Front disc brake is really porn!!
  8. Yesterday (after too much christmas eating) I continued my restyiling project. I changed my rear R1 Shock asbsorber with R6. This last is harder than R1. I made a fitting/looking test of my new cranck case cover. I’m happy for result. I think also the kickstart will be blacked. Another work is to paint the inner front disc rotor I think is the last red touch on my GP. Adding another red details will not be pretty.
  9. Yes, i'll use chromed bolts. I'm thinking to paint black also the kick start.
  10. My old indian ignition is sold. the problem was not the flywheel. It's the stator and the (robbish) component. Specially wiring and pick up sensor. This summer i and my friends we changed 4 indian stator and replaced the pick up with V3$p@ PX pick up....many our friends replaced indian with bgm stator or complete Varitronic kit. Early SIL igniton was better than later. Many people have problem with these indian stator
  11. Casa is little better quality than Varitronic. My flywheel weight is 2600 gr (approx 5,700 lbs). The Casa Flywhwell is 2720 gr (approx 6 lbs). I take the heavier because is better for my setting.
  12. Some work in progress. I found a new Bosatta Tailight to smoke. I gave to my painter new crankcase cover. I decided to piant in rough black ( I saw this effect on bmw valve cover and on Harley’s engine). Finally i took my new electronic ignition….bye bye Indian.
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