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  1. I'm going to second Mark's point about the State employees not knowing all the procedures. I asked at the clerk's office while renewing some other vehicles and they gave me a flat "No, can't be done." One night, unable to sleep I started poking around on the KY Transportation cabinet website and found out there is a "classsic title" available for vehicles with no paperwork being restored. Took my Lammy to the nearest inspection station with my affidavit (notarized letter) showing the pertinent info and they gave me a "request for title" form. Went to the same clerk's office with my officially stamped form from the sheriff and, after consulting a binder, consulting a supervisor, consulting some more binders in a locked cabinet, photocopying the instructions and putting them in the appropriate spot in the first binder, my request was sent off to Frankfort and I got my title in the mail a few weeks later. There was still some element of luck involved, it seems the inspection station near me is the only one aware of the classic title. A friend of mine got nowhere at the station where his cousin's inlaw worked, but did get his request for title when he went to my station. In summation, it varies by state, do your own research, and don't believe absolutely all my friends when they say you have to go through Vermont. (The same friends who told me not to buy that '70 Ducati scrambler. >:-( )
  2. So, did ServetaLu just come out of nowhere and blast up to the front of the pack? So, how do you love that Corazzo jacket?
  3. I would make an exception to my "No Nortons" rule for that boat tailed Commando. I have no idea why. (Actually the "No" rule is due to my collection of t-shirts riffing on the Norton logo. I have damn close to no idea why that rule exists either.) That Vincent has black engine cases, which should make it a Shadow or a Lighting. Pretty cool ...and, yes, a vintage Lambretta will make friends.
  4. I foresee the owners of this device wetting their pants on a regular basis. Well, maybe not more than once.
  5. A friend of mine found this windscreen worked over the weekend. I am not aware of any Shriner lambretta history in the area so I assumed it came off of a monkey bike.
  6. Yet another helpful discussion as I plot my S1 rebuild. Thanks.
  7. fciron


    Most of the Allstates were downgrades from the base V3$p@ Model. Undamped forks, only one color, speedo and buddy seat extra, etc. It's fair to compare a Riverside directly with V3$p@ products.
  8. Ok, I should have said "..another motorcycle...".
  9. Well, at least not after WWI. https://occhiolungo.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/the-first-disc-brake/
  10. I don't know of any motorcycles with a cable operated disk.
  11. How do you know? It's been redacted. ;-)
  12. :-( The site says I don't have permission to view it?
  13. Dang, now my beardies are gonna want their own Lambrettas too.
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