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  1. All good derek getting it ready for South Dakota so have time to get some parts in and play with it, we need a dyno shop in LA
  2. everyone is out of atomizers so will see how just dropping the idle jet goes
  3. What size atomizer and main are you thinking.
  4. Main jet 115 idle just dropped to 52 atomiser 266 clip 2 down. Running air filter needle s2
  5. been to mexico a few times on it done SLO and other long rides
  6. i need to look, not sure, nick did the set up
  7. runs great once moving , been advised to try the pilot jet or atomizer
  8. Heres a brain teaser Got a lammy with a bgm rt 225 when idling its ticking over fine, pull clutch in put in first give it revs before releasing clutch and it is bogging out to the point of nearly dying , twist throttle a few times until it fires up then its fine, next red or stop does the same thing, always done it but sometimes worse than others. Carb was just cleaned, new crank and piston fitted last week Any ideas
  9. that pretty much sounds like what is happening. The headset was taken of the scoot for the weld and was done by dean. thanks for the input
  10. thanks sounds like i am going to have to go through the whole engine then
  11. Carb seems fine me and nick put new clutch plates on and rejeted the carb I'll take another look at it
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