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  1. HI Mike, Well I got it fixed. All is good with it now. Thanks to your help and Scooter Speed!!
  2. Yes, I put that in but I think its sliding, I am gonna have to get a few then.
  3. Yes I know the hardware is mis matched. Gonna get the right hardware. The shim . Is that this???
  4. Mike. Thanks for all your help. I am gonna take off the headset again and relook at it. How did you post photos? I cant seem to get that right as well. lol
  5. A6E60260-DBA4-4D87-ABB8-C997717CB30E.heic
  6. Maybe I need a new complete control rod??? When I put into gear it is slipping out and I had to push it back in. The grips. 30811494-1B54-477F-8CAC-1DD496C8660B.heic
  7. Hello Its the left side. The shifter slides out. Wondering if I need a new rod??? I replaced the little rubber and the ring that goes there .
  8. Hello My Lambretta handle is slipping. I installed new ring and rubber, but for some reason its slipping. Not the clutch but the handle bar. I looked inside the when I was replacing the rubber and new rings. Maybe I need a new control rods? 30811494-1B54-477F-8CAC-1DD496C8660B.heic
  9. Can anyone let me know what happen to my t-shirt order??? I ordered early June and still have not received my order.
  10. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone is doing well.

  11. Both look wonderful. Good luck to you both.
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