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  1. Can anyone let me know what happen to my t-shirt order??? I ordered early June and still have not received my order.
  2. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone is doing well.

  3. Both look wonderful. Good luck to you both.
  4. Vote for me , Please~ https://prpage.co/f/DEI/52/+229/
  5. I dont twitter~ I would look into the bigger hotels. Betcha you can get something~
  6. Having lots of fun~ Raffle Bike stays in Ca with its new owner. And its not me
  7. If you are gonna be at LAX on wednesday night I will be there at around 11:30 pm to pick up my bf
  8. I can pick you up Wednesday evening if you need a ride? I will also be there on thursday as well around 6 pm to pick up Nick. PM me
  9. Thank you for posting this~~ we are here because of our interested in riding a Lambretta~
  10. Ok, maybe i can get a little advice on here. Been working on the LI150 this weekend for Lammy Jammy. Time is running out. We are having issues with the clutch. Replace and all. But the problem is Cant find neutral .....any advice??? This is on Nicks Lambretta. Not my Riverside. Thanks Everyone~ I hope someone can give us advice.
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