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  1. I'm guessing there's a "not" missing between "are" and "necessarily."
  2. Hey all, In reference to k-dog's post below, I want to state for the record that the ridiculous delay on issue #23 was entirely my fault. Kieran, the contributors, and everyone else involved all did their part in a timely manner and I dropped the ball. Went through a bit of a rough patch but that's no excuse for going AWOL and ignoring the commitments I'd made. My sincere apologies to the organizers for leaving them in the lurch and to the members for your empty mailboxes. And big thanks to those who stepped in (mostly Kieran I'm guessing) and took over where they shouldn't have had to and got your magazines moving again.
  3. Could use a repaint but $2100 seems fair for a complete, running Jet 200, yeah? https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/mcy/5644954207.html
  4. Rare Scootopia progressive fork spring prototype, being held by Stan?
  5. Here's a larger view from the side. The 93 is the distance between the center of the pivot and a point on the front of the rear strut (the center of the front hole, I think). 3GVGLS.jpg
  6. I've had full/comprehensive+collision coverage for five bikes with Progressive since before I had a car. Stated value on one of the Lambrettas. I've been with them for 12 years now and it's gotten pretty cheap over the years (under $200 for the five), but I've never had a claim so I don't know how that would go. I've been meaning to switch to Haggerty now that I have a car and switch to stated value on the rest of the bikes too but have been lazy.
  7. That main seems way too big. I run a 90 on that carb with stock airbox, clubman exhaust, and a Deanspeed 190.
  8. If you're in the NYC area you've probably already been contacted via email or Facebook, but if not message me for details.
  9. I've seen similar done by using an inner tube cut in half -- one end hose-clamped to the intake and the other end hose-clamped to the downpipe and inflated with a bike pump. Simpler and cheaper, but yours has the advantage of the more precise pressure gauge.
  10. Like Dan Duran mentioned above they make a version specifically for that scenario -- the Big-Cert. They don't recommend using the standard one for stripped Helicoils.
  11. Or better yet, submit it to The Specialist!
  12. A guy on the local vintage mc mailing list is an EMS and answers calls there; he said that the potholes on the field are particularly vicious this year so be sure they check the route before setting off. Wish I could make it, but I hear the 5-year-old birthday party I'm scheduled to be at on Long Island is supposed to pretty awesome, so...
  13. I know Camrod -- they actually just closed a few years ago but had been in business since the late '50s. They were called Camrod Motorsports by the time I got into scooters, had moved to 11th Ave, and were more of a motorcycle shop at that point, but I shopped for gear there when I got my first bike. They didn't have a particularly good reputation their last few years -- I commonly heard them referred to as Scamrod (deservedly or not I can't say).
  14. Don't suppose you took any photos of the process? Would make a great writeup for The Specialist!
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