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  1. I've got a couple of li125 gear boxes if you need one.
  2. If it was an old police biike you would have remnants of the old numbers on the legshield, I had a project one, the legshield also had some holes in it where they had attached a small sheet metal box on the inside, to store the parking ticket book. From here it just looks like a nice project, but more pictures would help.
  3. Rudy

    New Moto Club Shirt!

    Scott, look at that baby face!
  4. We've had a pretty productive week. Last Sunday we had a build session at my place in Oregon. I've also had a few days off work, and was able to spend a few hours wrenching on the scooter in the mornings. We did fire her up on Sunday, she started up 2nd kick, the compression feels good, and took her for a quick ride up the street. Has some pep to her for sure. Here are a few pictures, will post more in a few days.
  5. Lambretta Concessionaires donated this great looking speedometer.
  6. Thanks to Tom Carey and Max Ehrenberg, bottom end of the motor is ready. Waiting on a top end.
  7. This last Sunday we had some good progress. She's getting closer.
  8. Mike, I'm not sure of it is a Riverside. I know it's an early one.
  9. Scary part is he's the brains of this operation.
  10. Aaron, you're welcome to store some scooters in my garage down in Portland, if that helps.
  11. Details are essential to any quality build.
  12. The color scheme is based on the Cascadia flag. The majority of the scooter is white, and green, blue is also used, mainly on the decals. The graphics and decals on the scooter are courtesy of Tom Carey.
  13. The initial tear down of the scooter took place in Tacoma at Andiamo Let's Go! From there it was sent down to Portland where everything was completely taken apart and prepared for media blasting and powdercoating.
  14. The 2018 Lambretta Jamboree raffle bike build is currently underway. It started with a pre-mod Series 3 LI125 that had been sitting for quite a while. Build ideas were debated before deciding that a "Cascadia" themed scooter would be perfect for this Jamboree. Here is the scooter as the Seattle Crew picked her up. We'll add additional posts to update the progress. It's really an incredible process, and it couldn't be done without the support of (in no particular order) ScootersO Pacific Scooter Speed Jet 200 Performance Lambretta Concessionaires Piston Ported Andiamo Let's Go! Saints Cycle Works And all of the people who have volunteered their time wrenching the last few Sundays.
  15. Send me a picture of your scooter and I'll sign you up for a monthly drawing. Items will vary from month to month. Open to all current LCUSA members. VP Raffle is tomorrow night. This months raffle is sponsored by Jet200 https://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/club-news/february-2018-vp-raffle
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