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    Been Scooting since 1988....
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  1. vdublammy


    Yup, that’s me. Good meeting u too. Pm me if u want photos of the preservation and when I found it.
  2. vdublammy


    That’s my old 59 series one I found in a neighbors garage here in Portland. Good to see it still put and riding!
  3. I have an article I could submit. Shall I send to u Kieran?
  4. vdublammy

    Octoberscoot in Portland

    No. But my buddy Ashley at always vdub on Se 50th has a bunch of rims in the back of his shop. He lent me 4 tires and rims when I restored my bus a few months ago
  5. vdublammy

    Octoberscoot in Portland

    No. Tom and Julie hosted and organized.
  6. vdublammy

    Center stand strut dilemma

    We did this one recently. Glad they will correct it .
  7. vdublammy

    Scootopia v Casa stock S3 exhausts

    I’ve installed the Scootopia big bore on Jason’s bike joe. Held up nice for 2 years. Also, installed a few tutto stock mushroom tip exhausts which are real nice. Haven’t heard or tried the new Scootopia stock pipe. Also, I’ve fitted the gp exhaust by Casa on a Li and it fit great and sounds great and gave a little more performance. I’ve got videos on my YouTube account of a few different exhausts.
  8. vdublammy

    Scootopia v Casa stock S3 exhausts

    My Casa one fit fine on my tv200. Installed it a few months ago
  9. vdublammy

    New project TV175

    I gave him a set
  10. vdublammy

    Can the early crownwheel be welded?

    I’ve swapped out those for original Innocenti solid crown or the new FA Italian ones . Not worth the effort to take apart the spring ones
  11. vdublammy

    Spring scoot rally

    He moved . Haven’t been to his new spot
  12. vdublammy

    Spring scoot rally

    Have no idea . Bill it’s Oregon:) . We had our rain gear handy and took it easy on corners
  13. vdublammy

    Spring scoot rally

    It was pretty fun. Rained heavily Saturday . Worked on 3 lammies Friday and got that series 2 skelly back on the road with new wiseco piston rings that were delivered Friday at 3! Good times.