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  1. Good times this past weekend camping and scooting in Washington Giford Pinchot National forest .
  2. @corey there is a horncast series 1 on eBay now . @Stu aka S.Hanson #17 What state was the frame breather in ? Thanks
  3. Condenser or ignition coil is at fault .
  4. Do u have a new ignition wire, cap, and new plug? Also, have u checked wires on stator?
  5. http://www.rpiforecast.com/lambretta/paintcodes.html pm me if u want more info on paint etc cheers mike
  6. My paint supplier has loaded most of the formulas here in Portland Oregon . The formula will be in Ppg Dcc concept paint. 1 quart formula . I’m getting 8055 mixed up tomorrow for my 1952 d 125. U will want to contact a paint supplier in the area u live in to see if they carry Ppg . Let me find the link
  7. My old series 1 was in the 800 range. A few others exist in the states too. There is a thread somewhere about it. May have been on old site .
  8. Yup,I’ll second the Scootopia stands. I replaced my Tv1 that was bent and u will never get it perfect. Now the scoot sits proper as the same with Clint’s Sx.
  9. Some pics from the rally in Portland this past weekend.
  10. did u replace the seals since u were in their to replace the shoes? looks like grease got into the drum .
  11. looks to be original paint so if u did decide to restore I would do mechanicals, tires, forks, hub, and engine.
  12. There is a Lambretta Lc in my neck of the woods. It’s basically the body work version of the c. Just like d/Ld. Yes, do diligent research as Mike said. Cool project
  13. Ppg Dcc concept paint. I’ll send u my email for more info
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