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  1. really? will send a PM
  2. we are eventually doing a remake.. But I can ask Peter how that works
  3. k-dog


    Looks like your sorted out. Welcome!
  4. We do. Hmmm it being Feb and that was December.... perhaps it got jammed up in the mail? Let me look in and see whats known on our end and we will send again.
  5. This a ride out? Or are all of these yours? Looking good!
  6. loving your ride!

    1. Rogger Intriago

      Rogger Intriago

      Thanks man! It sweet still in the break in stage ..... Possible 50 more miles...... Might go to sleep away with it 

    2. k-dog


      cool! did you book your room yet?


    3. Rogger Intriago

      Rogger Intriago

      Errr no..... Lol

  7. k-dog

    Spark Plugs

    Spark Plugs can be one of the many issues of why your Lambretta won’t start, or why it has issue while it is running. It’s always a great idea to carry at least one or two spares in your scooter or in your jacket. Leaving them in the box is ok – but the box seems to crumble up so maybe a smaller sturdy container is ideal. So seems that most of us use NGK spark plugs. NGK is the plug that this piece will be on. So a spark plug is identified with numbers & letters. What do they mean? The various numbers and letters in a spark plug code or identification numbe, basically identif
  8. Welcome Shawn!

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